Another month has passed, another set of great free flash games have been released and I have awarded the best of the best here in the Unigamesity with the Flash Game of the Day award or presented them in the Daily Escape feature. However, if you missed any of the winners this month, you should not worry since I’ll post below links to all the best flash games of the month November. Have fun!

Sniper: Year Two – your dreams of becoming a professional assassin will finally come true after playing this game. – RPG blended with turn based strategy and a truly epic gameplay. If you’ve got the time for it, the game is a must play!

Battalion: Ghosts – a new title in the tactical series of games, one that will give you just enough war as you can handle. A bit too easy, though…

Keripex – a minimalist puzzle, if such a genre exists. Either way, if you feel that your brain needs some exercise, this is the perfect way to get it going.

Mountain House Escape – a pretty fun and short escape the room game for your daily dose of escape the room fun. No horror involved!

UFO Maneuver – and yet another puzller, and yet another great one, too. Unigamesities are about thinking, not button mashing only!

Extended – a cutesy little escape the room game featuring alien monsters. Who can’t escape, that is.

Hotel Management – time managaement game and enough high quality to keep you busy for quite a while. A must play if you’re a fan of the genre!

Dragon Boy – Dragon boy battles green goo and other strange monsters. He has friends that follow him into battle and lots of hacking to do, so start clicking!

ClickPlay 2 – here you should only click when you have to. A brilliant puzzle that we’ll always love (at least until ClickPlay 3 hits the servers!)

Heroes of Gaia – a MMO that looks and feels a lot like Heroes of Might and Magic. And I guess that’s enough to say to get you in the playing mood.

Wake Up the Box – Mr. Box likes to sleep, you don’t like to see Mr. Box sleeping. Who will win? You, if you like physics-based gameplay!

What You See – what you see is not always what you see. Sounds incredibly stupid? Try out the game and see that I’m not joking!

Escape from Hotel Catastrophe – a really nice escape the room game, very challenging and well done. You have to escape!

The Forest Temple – Fire Boy and Water Girl can’t mix up, so they decide to get out of the Forest Temple. They need your help and you’ll love to do it!

Forever Samurai – if you can’t swing that bat (or whatever it’s called), don’t worry. Your virtual character can. Yahoo!

Thanksgiving Escape 2009 – well, Thanksgiving day fever is gone, but the game remains. If you hated this year’s holiday, you can try and escape. At least vurtually.

Battle of Lemolad – tactics and match-three elements. Nobody thought it could be possible, except for the creators of this game. And it seems they were right – it’s very fun!

Coffee Room Escape – coffee is bad for your health, some say. Therefore, you have no other option than to get out of there, right?

And these were the best flash games of the past month. Check back more often for even more similar games, here in the Unigamesity!