escape-the-hotel-catastropheToday’s daily escape game is a real challenge: Escape from Hotel Catastrophe, despite the catchy but somewhat wrong name, is a really high quality escape the room game – unlike the ton of regular games we tend to see nowadays.

Escape from Hotel Catastrophe begins with an earthquake that threatens your life and probably your family’s… and you decide to do something nobody should actually do during an earthquake (or at least not if they were on a higher level of a hotel): ESCAPE!

Be warned though, beating Escape from Hotel Catastrophe is not easy and you will certainly find yourself blocked every now and then but in the end, if you manage to finish the game (and even if you don’t), you’ll be pleased with the product and you’ll be starting the wait for the next escape the room game from Rosiana, the game’s creator.

But enough talking, it’s time to do some escaping! In order to try and escape, play Escape from Hotel Catastrophe over at Coolbuddy. Have fun!



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