4 Walls is a brand new escape the room game by Right Fusion, available on iPhone and Android devices and ready to challenge you to the maximum with its complexity. As the game is extremely difficult, I am here to share with you a complete guide to it and help you beat the game with a 4 Walls walkthrough giving you step by step instructions on what to do.

And since it’s a long ride to exit this room, let’s start the 4 Walls walkthrough below – perfect for both the iPhone and the Android version!

1. Go right and tap the left leg of the table. Tap the left leg of the chair to get it. Pick up a small black piece of paper from near the right leg of the chair. Go back and tap the man on the table and tap the diary – note the date (25.05.05).

2. Go two times to the right. Tap the sheet under the bed twice and get a tape. Tap the picture on the wall and notice the directions the black triangles are pointing. Go back and tap the right side of the mattress. Pick up the remote control.

3. Go right. Tap the sofa, then it’s right pillow and you will get 2 screws. Go left twice.

4. Use the chair leg from your inventory with the hole in the lower right drawer and you will get a pencil. Tap the doll to zoom in and tap its eyes. Notice the two 0s. Now tap the top left drawer and you will see some triangles. Remember the triangles on the painting? Now it’s time to put them in the same order: Right – Up – Down – Left. You will get 2 batteries. Combine them with the remote control.

5. Tap the top right drawer. Here we have to enter the date from the diary (250505). You will get a door handle. Use it with the screws – it’s actually a window handle!

6. Move twice to the right and use the remote control with the TV. Note the numbers.

7. Go left twice and tap the unopened drawer. Now using the numbers from the doll and the TV, we have the code: 00121545. You will get a screwdriver.

8. Go right and use the screwdriver with the air vent – you will get a new piece of paper.

9. Go twice to the right again and use the chair’s leg on the big piece of glass to pick it up. Add the handle to its place and use the screwdriver with it. Tap the opened window and pick up a new fragment from the lower left corner of the screen. Combine the three pieces together, then use the tape with them.

10. Go back and right and zoom in on the calendar. Use the piece of paper with it to see numbers 7, 18, 29. Tap the diary on the table again and use the pencil with the blank area on the right piece of paper.

11. Go back and twice to the left. Tap the left pillow of the couch and use the glass to pick up a key.

12. Go back and twice to the left and tap the panel on the door. Tap the code (dates) 71829, then go back and use the key on the door. You are out!

And this was the walkthrough for 4 walls, a pretty interesting escape the room game for your mobile phone. I really hope that this walkthrough helped get you over all the difficult parts!