Basketball Games

The NBA is one of the world most recognizable leagues in any sport. Stars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have, and continue to, raise the profile, and keep it as an elite and globally followed sport.

With the NBA Playoffs the NBA finals odds are closely monitored and millions of dollars will be spent on bets on each game as well as on who will end the season the champion.

For most of us, playing online games is the closest we will ever get to competing on the court and they provide a mix of detailed and NBA specific, to fun and entertaining basketball style games now available to out fingertips.

You can download a wide range of games for IOS to enjoy basketball anytime, anywhere.

These are the five top basketball games you can be playing right now.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

Being the most popular console-based basketball game, it makes sense that it also moved onto the mobile market and has achieved similar success. It can be easily played on a smartphone in different formats from career mode to pick and play matches.

It is a complete NBA style game which allows gamers to use real characters from the NBA and compete in a variety of match styles, from 2v2s to 7v7s one off games and small-scale tournaments to career and season modes.

To add to the modern-day game, you can even use NBA legends in online and multiplayer game modes as well as find online tournaments to compete and take the game to the next level. It is the closest you will get to real action NBA gameplay and is one of the best basketball games available on Android devices today.


There is nothing like an great arcade style game, and NBA Jam offers exactly this and as it is licensed by EA Sports, you’ll be able to use real basketball players in the game.

The 2v2 style matches are like street basketball games, full of excitement with little to worry about with regards to rules and tactics. It has excellent graphics and great gameplay that it will great fun mastering this awesome game.

You can even do multiplayer matches online which offers a classic campaign mode as well. It’s a game focused on the thrill of the game in an entertaining arcade style format which anyone can enjoy.

BasketBall Stars

This game offers 1v2 and 2v2 matchups using stars from the NBA, past and present, to compete in this excellent 3D game.

Each player has a special ability you can make the most out of while playing for fun or in a tournament setting online. As you play and win competitions you will advance up the levels and difficulty settings to reach the top.

It’s another fun, arcade style game with a lot of fast paced fun to be had.

Stickman Basketball

Stickman games are hugely popular, and this basketball version is no different.

It is a faced paced game with easy to control characters with a great mix of different game formats to choose from. Quick games, training, seasons, and tournament style games are all on offer and the difficulty level can he varied as you get the hang of the game.

This game offers pure basketball fun with great, smooth animation and exhilarating gameplay for everyone to enjoy. Being a basketball Wizz is not a requirement, this is for those with no knowledge of the game up to the pros to kick back and enjoy.

Bouncy Basketball

While the other games have added smooth or wildly entertaining graphics and gameplay, Bouncy Basketball takes it all back to the 2D format.

Its like a blast from the past with a modern twist as you play four quarters between 30 and 90 seconds long which you can play against the computer or split screen in a multiplayer mode.

Despite simple gameplay and visuals, this game is very satisfying, and you can get a real buzz dunking on your opponent and outplaying them on this cool, old school arcade game from Android.

Basketball is a globally popular sport and fans will tune into the NBA from around the world. Leagues in other countries continue to grow and develop better players due to the massive following the sport has.

This has translated over well into Android games which you can enjoy directly to your smartphone. Play at the drop of a hat, wherever and whenever.

Each game listed, and the many more on offer, are all instantly available and quick to set up and play. The great thing about these apps is the speed at which you can be enjoying playing the sport you are fanatical about, or even just a casual fan.

The great gameplay and mix of styles on offer ensure everyone will find a game they can enjoy with Android.