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Do you love video games more than any other type of games and want to write about gaming? Do you have strong, professional opinions and it also happens that you love writing (and are actually really good at it?) Would you like to be featured on Unigamesity and have your words and opinions read by tons of video games fans? Then drop us a line at the following e-mail address:

contact at unigamesity dot com

or simply use THIS contact form (remember to specify a valid e-mail address or else we won’t be able to contact you back!)

A Great Platform For Gamers to Write for Us

If you are a gamer with a keen interest in contributing to the gaming community we are looking for you. If you know your way around words and love everything about gaming, Unigamesity is a great platform for gamers to write for us and add more value to the community. If you are interested in gaming, write for us and enjoy the thrill of gaming and writing together. 

Why Write a Guest Post For Unigamesity?

Write for us gaming if you love gaming and writing about it. Write for us games that are close to your heart and you enjoy the most so the writing will also be honest. Video game writers are always in demand and we love them. There are many reasons why you should write a guest post for unigamesity like: 

  • Targeted Gaming Audience 

We have a dedicated targeted gaming audience that can learn more from your expertise. If you are into games write for us and share your experiences. As a guest writer, you will also learn how to write for games in a better manner especially for targeted gaming audiences. 

  • Build Your Site Authority

If you enjoy video games, write for us to build your site authority. You can become an expert and share useful insights about a particular gaming topic. If your content is really unique and good you can build your site authority. 

  • Get Exposure to Your Brand

You can get exposure to your brand if you love a game and write for us. The right kind of content will get you exposure and the desired feedback important for your brand. 

Content Type We Accept

Even though we appreciate every piece of beautifully written work, we do have certain criteria regarding content. We encourage and appreciate new video game writers who bring a touch of freshness and zest to gaming blogs. You can also do some research about how to write for video game blogs before you begin writing to brush up on the skills you already have. As we are in the gaming niche we accept the following type of content :

  • Game News
  • Actionable Gaming Guides
  • Gaming Tips & Tricks
  • Listicles (best mods, best weapons, hardest bosses, etc.)
  • Game Reviews
  • Exploration of Gaming Topics and Culture 
  • Video Games (trailers, walkthroughs, etc.)

Guest Post Writing Format and Tips

Here are some writing formats and tips you should keep in mind before sending us your samples. Make sure to use these while writing your samples. 

  • Proper Use of Title, Heading, and Subheading ( H1, H2, H3)
  • Eye-catchy Images  ( Free Images)
  • Internal and external linking 
  • Content  ( Paragraphs, Bullet Points, etc) 
  • Quote the first source if you are talking about any research and study

Writing Guidelines to Follow for Guest Posting

There are certain guidelines for guest posting that have to be followed before submitting your samples. It is best to follow it to avoid any ambiguity. 

  • We accept content written only in English.
  • We encourage and appreciate writers to use proper headlines ( H2. H3 etc)
  • Write content that is unique and high-quality content that offers value to the audience while reading. 
  • Kindly refrain from writing for us if you write and publish content elsewhere. 
  • If you publish content for, you cannot engage with any other sites or blogs for publishing that content. 
  • We suggest using videos or photos of high quality. All articles should mandatorily have videos or photos of high quality. Mention the source of an image whenever necessary and make sure it has not been used elsewhere. The videos or photos should fall under the creative commons license.  
  • We suggest, to make your articles more engaging, add a high-quality and relevant image after every 100 words. This will also create a break between a long article. 
  • Add relevant links according to search engines that offer value to the readers. Irrelevant link adding for the sake of it is not appreciated. Adding links with appropriate anchor links is a must. DA and PA links are not rejected by us but links should be according to search engines. 
  • Avoid sending us content with serious grammatical and spelling mistakes. It will be rejected. 
  • Follow a blog theme while creating content. 
  • By sending us your content you agree that the copyrights to your article will remain with us and allow us to redesign your article at any moment we find fit. 
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