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So, you’ve seen the smiley faces below the red “Final rating” in our reviews and have no idea what they mean? Well, you’re in the right place now so read on: we’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

First of all, a general view about what we do and how the whole reviewing process works. To make one thing clear for the beginning: we will never review a game we don’t consider attractive in the first place, no matter if it’s a FPS with a hundred million budget or an indie top down shooter. Second, we are offering brutally honest reviews and nothing will ever stay in our way of delivering the information we feel is correct, whether you like it or not. Lastly, it should be noted that we have a solid games knowledge and even though our names don’t ring any bells at the moment, this does not mean we don’t have a vast experience in both gaming journalism and gaming. So you can really count on us bringing some totally trustworthy, original and honest reviews – everything completely FREE.

So – “out of five” or “out of ten”?
We did our best to find the perfect scoring method – from no rating at all to the 100 points system and we concluded that “perfect” is a very relative concept here. However, we consider that utterly simplistic or exaggeratedly complicated scoring systems are wrong, so we went for something in between: a visually attractive “out of ten” system. And if the presence of five smiley faces is confusing, try dividing each one in two, and you’ll see that it’s actually really easy. And really fair, too.

Lengthy or short reviews?
We try to keep our reviews as concise and to the point as possible but since we don’t want to skip any important details, the more complex games will have longer reviews. Actually, the general rule of thumb is that we’ll use as much space as it is needed to present you all the facts: no dead weight, nothing left out.

And these being said, here’s what each score means:

We’re afraid to use the word “perfect” to describe the game, so we’ll stick to incredible. In our opinion, this game is a must buy for everybody and has all the chances of becoming a cult classic. It certainly is a prime quality game and, even though it probably has its flaws, too, it’s nothing but a real joy to play. At least we were blown apart by its coolness and generally went to bed with red eyes after saying for the tenth time, at 4 AM: “just five more minutes”…

This one is close to perfection, too! In our opinion, this game is a must buy for all the fans of the genre and we’re sure it will impress most of the fans of other genres, too. Although an almost flawless game, there’s something that keeps it away from that multi-orgasmic “Yes!” after playing it. But it still offers really enjoyable gaming experience. Really great!

A good game is a good game no matter what. Fans of the genre will enjoy it for sure and there are chances some people will even fall in love with it and spend countless days playing. If you’re not a fan of the genre, it’s probably safer to test it before and make sure it fits your style. Our call: it probably will.

A nice game that’s just a step outside the spotlight. The back-up singer, but with a great voice you still hear and maybe fall in love with. It’s very likely for this game to have its fair share of fans, but don’t expect it to win any brilliance award. Try a demo or read the review once again before buying. It might still worth the money if you have nothing against games of its genre, but its better to be safe than sorry, right?

This game lacks some things that just stop him from getting out of the crowd. It has flaws, the developers were in a hurry, it is incomplete or simply brings nothing new or flawlessly done to the genre – it’s mediocre. However, it sure has some strong points which should be valued. But it will probably be enjoyed only by the fans of the genre. And they should test it before buying, just to be sure.

Not really the game you were hoping for. It generally has more “bads” than “goods” and there certainly are many more games better than this one. Although it’s below average, it is a survivor and maybe hardcore fans of the genre could find it enjoyable. However, extreme caution is needed when it comes to games that get this rating. Unless it’s in the bargain bin, that is.

We probably regret the money spent on this bad game, as well as the time wasted to play it. A game that gets this rating is simply not good enough, it brings absolutely nothing new to the genre and it lacks quality. It’s unpolished, unpatched and unlikely to be remembered after a couple of months. You should avoid this game unless you really know what you’re doing.

A game you will not like to play. Such a game is all flawed and does not know what “fun” means. Probably the developers are really bored of it too, as well as the game testers. In other words, avoid this game. Dreadful!

If you want to see what can go wrong in a game, try this horrible game. Otherwise stay the hell away from it and try to forget it ever existed. Oh, yes: even if it’s a gift, you’re probably better if you just throw it away. Avoid at all costs.

Complete waste of time and money. Probably it’s not a game, either, just a bouncing pixel screaming “I rule the world” while bleeding the purple blood of idiocy.

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