Here at Unigamesity we have a team of real gamers, just like you! Read on to find out more about us!

calinCalin Ciabai

Co-Founder & Site Manager

Born and raised in Romania, a country where the big companies still don’t really want to send their games to, Calin is the owner and editor in chief here at Unigamesity. He started this website together with a college friend, hoping that it will be really big some day. He’s still waiting for that to happen, in the meantime playing PC games and following the mobile craze of the current generation. You can check out all his articles here.

SONY DSCMarta Branco

Chief Editor

Marta is a Portuguese journalist currently majoring in Communication Sciences. Gaming has always been part of her life, which makes everything easier when it comes to write about video games. Digital arts and photography are two of her main hobbies. Despite writing about every gaming matter, she is specialized in MMO’s, RPG’s and action games.
Email: . You can check out all her articles here.

BrendanBrendan Lynch

Senior Contributor

I was born in the United Kingdom and have recently graduated in Multimedia Journalism. I have been gaming since I was given a SNES for Christmas back in the mid-90s, and have been hooked since then. Aside from my love of gaming and writing, I enjoy playing sports and am always up for a drink or two. In gaming I enjoy most types, but any ability in fighting games still eludes me. You can check out all his articles here.


Past Contributors:

George Grigorita (The guy that made Unigamesity a reality when he launched the website together with Calin back in 2008. Now the default username for contributor posts, just because we like to keep him alive.)

Aidan Moore


Jordan Helsley

Mark O’Donnell


Mike Stubbsy

Noah Bradley


Sebastian Ziernicki


Tom Tonthat