The gathering procedure in Albion Online could become an extremely tiresome and exhausting task while playing Albion Online. If you are fed up with gathering for tedious long hours and looking for albion online gathering guide, then here’s a piece of news for you. There are several ways to help you speed up the gathering process and get you ahead in the game.

So, let’s discuss the points that can help you speed up your gathering one by one. 

Albion Online Gathering Guide – Tips to Fasten Your Gathering Process

1. Gather Tier Upgrades Through Learning Points

If you have expertise in gathering a particular type of substance or resource, then the tier completion won’t require too high of an LP cost. So, try spending the learning points you have on upgrading your gathering tier. Because learning points will save you a lot of time and you will be able to get to higher tier nodes much faster.

2. Stick to and Gather One Resource Type

It could be very luring to try to gather as many resources as you can. Players want to do this mainly because this will enable them to make gear on their own or reach the higher tiers faster. However, this is not quite advisable because it will make you progress at a slower speed.

Moreover, your potential earnings could be at risk too. You also, might not be able to assist your guild by providing them with high tier resources. So, instead, why don’t you just pick up one resource and stick to gathering it?

3. Use a Mount

This will save you so many hours from your gathering time. On the first day, you can ride the mount that comes with your Founder Pack. On other days, the best alternative way is to get a  donkey that you can use as a mount. Now, a donkey can prove to be fairly good as a mount. And you can get one every time you refer Albion Online to a friend, provided they join the game through your referral link.

The best mounts you could get to speed up your gathering process are horses. With that in mind, don’t even think about considering an Ox. They are way too slow to even begin with. On the other hand, horses can speed you up and drop you from one node to the next in a far lesser amount of time. Moreover, horses will also shield you and save you from the ganks.

4. Eat Pies

Eating pies in Albion Online can also reward you with an extra gathering boost of 10%. So, these are exceptionally great when it comes to high-tier gathering sprees. With the additional boost, you will be able to gather much more of those high-value resources.

5. Wear Your Gathering Gear

An often overlooked point that can be the ultimate game-changer. Equipping yourself with gathering gear will prove to be highly beneficial for you in the long run. It provides you with massive defence escape capabilities. These, in turn, allow you to easily get away from enemy bases without losing out on any resources that you have gathered so far.

Moreover, you should also get a backpack where you can store all the resources that you collect. Otherwise, a huge quantum of your time will be wasted in making back and forth trips. So, it’s better to just expand your carrying capacity.

Albion online gathering presents itself with an array of benefits and powers. But, since, people don’t understand its value as much, you can understand all about it in a section given below.

6. Set Up Your Base in a Town Close To the Resource Type

Another wise thing you could do is set up your base in a town close to the resource you are looking for. This takes away all those long back and forth trips just to drop the resources and again go back to gather more. So, eliminate this unnecessary time loss by placing yourself close to the resource gathering zone. 

7. Carry a Tool

You never know when you might find some exquisite or highly valuable and rare resources. And you don’t want to miss the opportunity of gathering them. So, make it a rule to always carry some sort of tool that could help with such activities regardless of whatever resource you are looking for. 

8. Know Where Your Biomes Are

The gathering process becomes much easier when the resource you want is the main resource of the biome you are searching for. Moreover, keep in mind that the other 2 resources are not evenly distributed. You will find them in the secondary and tertiary resources. And quite often, players don’t know where to look for and end up wasting a lot of time. So, make sure you know which resources can be found at each biome.

Why Do You Need to Equip the Albion Online Gathering Gear?

Equip the Albion Online Gathering Gear

The Albion online gathering gear is surely great given the gathering bonuses and escape options that come along with it. These are special outfits donned by the gatherers that can help them with the tasks they need to execute. Moreover, the Albion online gathering gear comes with unique skills to help you throughout the game.

Remember that under-gearing is not an option here! Power comes with great responsibility and so, you should always second it with sustainability. And that is achieved with Albion online gathering gear. Moreover, it is the best option when it comes to choosing armor.

Also, wear a gathering backpack to increase your capacity to gather and carry. While choosing weapons, select those that are good for both damage and escape. And don’t forget that the gear should be of such a tier that you can sustain.

There are five gathering professions and each has a different set of tiers of the Albion online gathering gear to wear. The higher tier provides a better chance of gaining mats. It also provides increased functionality as the 4 piece Albion gathering gear set comes with a backpack set too. Now, this provides you with the much-needed room to carry resources and gather more.

Final Words

That’s what we have to offer! And hopefully, this blog will help you become better and faster at gathering. There isn’t much that you need to remember. You just need to follow a couple of rules and you will become a master gatherer in no time. Happy gathering!