Black Desert Online (BDO) is a sandbox fantasy multiplayer role-playing game that was developed in 2015. Processing is a method in the BDO game to gain mastery and skills to reach various levels. They are paid and generate passive income for users who master them to reach higher levels in the game. Primarily, three tiers of processing let you master skills such as, shaking, grinding, chopping, drying, filtering, alchemy, cooking, manufacturing, and more. This is an easy to understand black desert online processing leveling guide

With the mastery of these skills, you can complete quests and tasks in the game and proceed to different levels. In the first tier processing which begins with the start of the game, you must, for instance, learn to heat ore, and perform various tasks to reach the second tier. In the second tier, there are a series of tasks to be performed such as chopping planks, etc, and completing the quests to unlock the third tier. The third tier teaches you various skills such as heating, making fire with wood, processing other materials, etc. 

How to begin Processing

A set of skills mentioned need to be mastered to create a tool, recipe, potion, etc to complete a quest. The game begins with an interaction with a black spirit that guides you throughout the quests to unlock various tiers. Use short keys such as a slash, or a comma to start interacting with the black spirit at the beginning of the game. 

Press the ‘L’ key to open the processing panel. The challenge in each tier is to make the best use of silver and other resources to buy the stuff you need to create elements required to complete the tasks. You have a choice to choose a slow-paced or a fast-paced game. It opens a progression tree with a host of quests to be completed and skills to be honed. 


Processing at any tasks and levels lets you earn points and income when you choose the right tools and strategy with the resources available to you. In this fascinating fantasy game that is packed with intriguing and interesting challenges, you must know how to use the tools and gather resources to complete any task. Node lets you gather resources such as tools found in the inventory. To perform this task you need to master the skill of gathering and farming. 

Gaining energy and silver is essential to proceed further in the game and unlock various tiers. It is essential to talk to someone new in the task to gain energy and knowledge. For balanced stamina and speed hire humans, for highest stamina giants, and lowest goblins. You can use workshops and houses for crafting various items. 

Making Metal

You can buy ores in the first tier and make steel, bronze, and brass as all of them sell quickly. Buy materials that let you manufacture saleable items in the BDO marketplace to earn points as well as cash. Always follow the main story and the black spirit as it opens up quests, inventory, tools, and resources you need to reach various levels. It also opens maps you can explore and follow to find new people to talk to and tasks to complete. 

Fishing is easy money

For beginners who want to make money with processing can choose the Fishing task. Choose the fishing rod, go to the water, start fishing, and throw it in the box. Fishing rods come with a skill set. You can either buy them for 500 silver coins or perform tasks to get the best fishing rod. Veila is the first map that opens in the main story. 

Sell the fish in the marketplace. If the fish is dried, open the processing window and choose the drying process to sell it anytime in the marketplace. The color of the fish is marked with highest to lowest price with white being the least and gold being the highest. 

Grinding for silver

This is one of the best processing methods to choose to make money per hour. Choose a pet and the energy it gains to quickly pick up loot. In the first level and first-tier you have one pet so it is challenging to gather the loot. At level 36, you can choose the Giants’ hunting ground to gain money. Migrate as quickly as possible from Saunils to the Giants’ hunting ground to start making money.

Pearl Shop items

Hover over to the inventory of the Pearl shop items to check their market value. As a beginner, you can buy as many as 5 items to sell it in the marketplace. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make real money with processing methods. 

Joining guilds

There are numerous elements, stages, arenas to explore in the game at various levels. Joining guilds can generate income and increase the payout over time. It gives you daily attendance rewards as well. Clear the guild quests to earn more points and rewards at different levels of the game.

Farming for grains

As a beginner with lesser caps and points when you buy withered seeds, you can breed them to get better seeds to feed grains to your workers. Learning gathering, farming, cooking, making beer, and recipes can let you gain passive income using the methods in the processing window. This can be done throughout the game at various levels. 


Master skills and reach various levels to earn points and money. Get the knowledge of the right tools to be used and all about the marketplace so you start making passive income right away using the processing methods. Understand how every tool, resource, and characters work on the map to come up with the best game strategy you can to earn more money. There is no standard formula to follow to earn rewards and money. Unleash your creative strategy to master a host of skills and make the best of processing methods for selling items in the marketplace.