Minecraft Castle

This is the list of the best easy Minecraft castle ideas.

Minecraft is a game that is propelled surrounding the concept of building. So, it isn’t surprising that extravagant castles are an integral part of the game. If you are playing the game in 2022 and need some ideas about the castle building expeditions, we have just the best easy Minecraft Castle Ideas that you can indulge in.

There are quite a few options to explore, from the lavish village homes to the quaint houses in the surrounding streets.

This article will walk you through the best Minecraft castle options you can consider building in your game.

Checkout The Best Easy Minecraft Castle Ideas

1. Hill Castle

Isn’t it extravagant to hall a beautifully nestled castle along the cliffs of the mountain? However, we understand the mechanics of building an “almost floating” castle by the side of the hill. The process to go around the building process is quite expansive. DiddiHD is one of the best to explain things in detail on their YouTube channel with different parts for better understanding.

2. Japanese Castle

If there’s one castle type that stands out in Minecraft, it has got to be the Japanese castle. The architecture with the medieval touch is exquisite, not to mention that it has a pretty appearance to it as well. You do need to collect a lot of resources along the way to build a Japanese castle. Gaining Dark Prismarine for this kind of castle is difficult (and sometimes impossible). You can replace the same with more accessible options like planks, stairs, and slabs in such cases.

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3. Castle Gate

While you are on a quest to build big castles, why limit the development to just the big castle structures? Castle gates are an equally important part of the expedition that beautifies and fortifies the look of a village. These are standalone structures in Minecraft and have a very easy way to build them. Also, these kinds of castle structures don’t include Redstone contraptions, so they are comparatively much easier to build.

4. Pink Castle

If you are in the Survival World in Minecraft and want to stand out with your castle ideas, there’s nothing that beats a beautiful and poignant Pink Castle. The castle requires around 25×17 block area, which is permissible and easy to build around. Also, the resource pack needed for building this kind of castle is quite expansive, which means that you have to work hard to acquire them and then implement the same to spruce up your castle’s interior decoration. It sounds like a fun project, doesn’t it?

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5. Small Castle

As the name suggests, Small Castles are perfect for quicker projects. You don’t need to spend hours behind the project or get confused with the kind of resources that you are on the lookout for. These castles are also ideal for the Survival game mode and include intricate elements to the structure, including a chimney, kitchen area and even a bedroom. Despite the smaller structure, you can even expand the area for an extra storage room, which is fun too.

6. Castle Ruins

If you hunt or loot in your Minecraft world and come across a dismantled and shattered castle broken down to the ground, what more can you retrieve from there? If you are confused, BigTonyMC has a detailed guide through the varying castle ruins and how you can explore the surroundings for some valuable resources. This is one of the common castle ideas that many players skip out on. Sometimes, these spots are perfect as a survival base, or you can refurbish the interiors to make it look spanking new in no time.

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7. Floating Castle

If there’s one type of castle in Minecraft that steals the show as the best Minecraft castle ideas, it has to be this one. The floating castle looks exquisite but building it is equally difficult. It requires ample resources, patience and a whole lot of willpower and critical thinking along the way. The process isn’t as easy as it looks. The best way to build a floating castle is to break down the individual parts and build them in segments. This makes the project easier and realistic to attain. Twin Saw explains everything about the same in detail.

8. Blackstone Castle

We all have a dark and grunge side to us, and the Blackstone Castle perfectly represents that. For building this castle, the players have to collect the resources from the Nether, which is a tedious process. This also requires around a 31×31 block area, and with the right building ideas, it shouldn’t take as long as many make it out to be. The castle serves as a lair for entertaining friends, planning your next move on the enemies and so on.

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9. Desert Castle

Also often known as the Desert Fortress, this castle stands out in the daytime with its husk appearance and outlook. The castle needs a 33×33 block area built with significantly strong and stable defense towers. This castle also has a courtyard beside the main house, making it an extravagant structure. This type of castle is perfect for defending yourself against mobs and pelt attacks without significant damage to yourself.

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10. Mini Castle

Nobody likes to indulge in larger-than-life castles on Minecraft. If you are looking for easy Minecraft castle ideas, the Mini Castle is your best bet. This has a similar approach and building requirements like the Small Castle. These are spread across an 8×8 block area, which is quite small and easily accessible. They are perfect for relaxing and having a cozy base to chill in.

11. Island Fortress

It is quite contradictory when we are talking about Mini Castle and then following it up with the Island Fortress. This is perfect for the players when they find a coast to start a base in. The Survivor based on an island is quite effective if you wish to keep the mobs away from you and secure your position in the game. Although the design is quite convenient, the implementation and the building process can be confusing. BigTonyMC explains the same in detail if you are confused.

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12. Mountaintop Castle

If you are looking for medieval Minecraft castle ideas, the Mountaintop Castle is a good testament. Having a base at the top of the mountain is a very constructive way to keep an eye out on the surroundings from the tip of the mountain. This allows you to prepare yourself for any incoming attack and rule your kingdom without interruptions and interferences. You will need a storage mod for building this kind of castle.

13. Desert Fortress

The Minecraft Castle ideas need to include the Desert fortress without fail. However, although these castles look stunning, they are quite difficult to build, especially because they need a lot of natural resources to build. You need a good supply of Sandstone to build the structure. The area required is 33×33 blocks, which is quite decent. You can spruce up the castle’s look with some leaves and greens, if interested.

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14. Fortified Castle

If you are looking for Minecraft castle interior ideas, Fortified Castle is a good place to start. These are your classic Minecraft castle featuring the stunning stone engravings, unique color stones and inscriptions that make them stand out of the crowd. Heyimrobby does a good job explaining the entire process and the kind of stone and cobblestone resources you’d need to build this. The design for this castle is simple and doesn’t include complicated structures, which is a relief.

15. Big Medieval Castle

Building any sort of medieval castle on Minecraft from scratch is a pain. If you are looking for castle Minecraft ideas that are easy, this isn’t it. However, despite how complicated things are, we have all once dreamt of building one in our Minecraft world. If you are in the same boat,  Stevler explains it well in their tutorial. You will need 4000+ stone blocks for these kinds of castles, so be prepared to collect the resources first before you end up building them.

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16. Class Medieval Castle

Looking for Minecraft small castle ideas? Well, why not start with the classic medieval ones? They are a simple structure made with a combination of stones and cobblestones. However, unlike the big medieval castle, this one is easy to handle and easier to execute. They include a range of amazing components, including archer towers, protective gates, etc. This type of castle is quite customizable, which is always a benefit. Magma explains the process in detail.

17. Simple Fantasy Castle

Last but not the least, Minecraft castle’s idea worth considering is the Simple fantasy castle. This type of thematic castle is quite popular in the Minecraft world. However, it requires a lot of resources, wizard mods and a lot of ideas put into place before you can build and execute it. Warped Stem works well for this castle if you don’t have Dark Prismarine. Lex the Builder takes you through the step-by-step process if you are confused.

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How many of these Minecraft castle ideas catch your attention? Make sure that before you decide to execute any of these castle ideas, sort out the resources you’d need and ensure that you have enough block area in your Minecraft world to place them with stability. If you have already built or are in the process of building any of these castles, let us know in the comments.

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