minecraft stonecutter

A stonecutter is a tool used in Minecraft to cut stone blocks into smaller pieces or to replace a crafting table. Stonecutters only require one piece for producing other stone products. To construct stone steps, one block of cobblestone may be used instead of several.

Stonecutters are a common sight in towns. They spawn near Mason’s house and may be found in village homes. The mason is frequently seen walking around this house, which is typically larger than the other hamlet homes.

In this post, you will learn all about how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft.

Supported Platforms

All these versions support a stonecutter in Minecraft:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe

minecraft stonecutter

It’s rather simple to make a Stonecutter. A Minecraft player just has to assemble three bits of stone and a single iron ingot in the crafting table. Stonecutters, the employment site block for stonemasons, can also be formed at random in communities.

Note that a pickaxe is necessary to mine and successfully gather a Stonecutter in Minecraft.

What You Need to Make a Stonecutter


One of the stones required to build a stonecutter is cobblestone. You can find it in caves, ravines, and even on the ground while walking. Cobblestone is a type of stone that can be found at any height in Minecraft and is quite common. Players can dig up to 5 blocks into the ground and are nearly likely to hit stone.

The players must convert the cobblestones into standard stone blocks. To do so, the player must smelt the cobblestone in a furnace. The fuel should be poured into the bottom, and the cobblestone block should be placed on top.

Iron Ingot 

The second part required to create a stonecutter is Iron ingots. It may be made by smelting iron pieces found in caves and ravines. Iron ingots may also be discovered in various places across the world, such as a mine shaft or a Villager’s home.

Iron ingots are commonly found in chests in Minecraft villages from bedrock to sea level. Players will need to smelt the iron in a furnace, much like the cobblestone. As a result of this procedure, iron ore will be turned into iron ingots. The iron ore should go on top of the furnace, and the fuel should go on the bottom.

How to craft a Stonecutter in Survival Mode

Open the Crafting Menu

When making a stonecutter, the first thing to do is to open your Minecraft menu and begin crafting. You will need all the required things handy at this stage saved in your crafting menu to make the process easier.

Add Items to Make a Stonecutter

Three stone blocks and a single iron ingot are required to build a stonecutter in Minecraft. Smelt three cobblestone blocks to make three stone blocks in a furnace. Smelting iron ore underground produces an iron ingot. Place the iron bar over the three stone blocks on the 3×3 crafting grid to make a stonecutter.

Cobblestone is a popular Minecraft block that may be found via mining stone blocks. Smelting cobblestone in a furnace will restore the block to its original stone condition. Players who have the Silk Touch enchantment on their pickaxe, on the other hand, may mine and harvest stone blocks directly.

Move the Stonecutter to Inventory

After successfully creating a stonecutter in Minecraft, players may use it to make stone-related blocks instead of using the crafting table. The stonecutter has the ability to skip steps in the making process, such as chiseling a stone block into a chiseled stone brick. In addition, the stonecutter can make one set of stairs per stone block, whereas the crafting table requires six blocks to make four sets of stairs.

How to use a stonecutter in Minecraft?

Minecraft players may employ Stonecutters to change a number of stone-related blocks into others. A crafting table may be used to make the bulk of the items that a player can make at a Stonecutter. On the other hand, using a Stonecutter may save a lot of time and perhaps extra resources.

When a Minecraft player uses a crafting table to construct stone stairs, six blocks of stone are required, and four stone steps are produced. Instead of using a Stonecutter, a Minecraft player might use a Stonecutter to turn each piece of stone into a stone stair. This would save gamers a lot of money in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Making a Stonecutter in Minecraft is fairly an easy task. It can also save time by allowing players to avoid some of the probable crafting processes that they would face if they used a crafting table. A player may immediately change a stone block into carved stone bricks, which is the most well-known example.