The point of playing Minecraft is to “mine” right? I mean, the word ‘mine’ is just right there in the name of the game (“Mine”craft !). But, mining can be a lot more fun than you can think.

That’s why, in this discussion, we’ll talk about fun Minecraft tips for mining.

We know most newbies in Minecraft just go ahead and start digging on the ground to find ores. However, if you want to succeed in the game in the least bit of time, you have to have technical know-hows.

And, that’s exactly what we will be elaborating in this post. So, stick with us to the end!!

6 Top Minecraft Tips For Mining: Be An Effective Miner

1) Consider Grid Mining:

When doing excavation in the Minecraft game, most people go for simple brunch mining. However, our tip here is that you go one step further than that. Meaning, you should do ‘grid mining’, instead of just doing plain old branch mining.

In grid mining, you first make a main passage underground by doing excavation. Then, you create horizontal branches from that passage in both the left and right directions.

After that, as a third step, you create more vertical passages interconnecting those smaller branches. As a result, you create a cave grid of your own.

This particular method not only saves your time in finding ores, but it also makes you an eccentric Minecraft player.

2) Dig In The Ravines:

Ravines are wide natural passages deep in the ground that have steep sides. The specialty of ravines is that they contain a large amount of ores, but they are extremely dangerous to enter.

It’s because, when approaching a ravine, you might accidentally fall off the ravine sides and die anytime.

However, if you can learn to dig and excavate in the ravines, you have a high chance of finding precious ores in the Minecraft game. But, how to do safe excavation in the ravines? You can employ a creative technique that we have found on Games coin pro.

You should simply stand on the side of a ravine and throw some water blocks. As a result, the water blocks will create a waterfall ( the waterfall will be flowing down into the ravine bed).

Now, you can easily climb down to the ravine bed using the waterfall. And, this way, you can safely reach the ravine bed without dying.

3) If You Want Gold, Look In The Badlands Biome:

As most players are interested in mining gold in the Minecraft game, we have decided to give you a tip on how you can hoard up a huge chunk of gold.

To easily be able to mine goals, you simply have to go to the Badlands biome. In this particular biome, gold is very commonly found. In fact, finding gold in this biome is so common that you will think that gold spawns here as commonly as coal.

For instance, in other biomes, you have to dig at least 20 levels below ground to find goals. However, you can easily find goals in the Badlands biome by digging 15 blocks below ground. Therefore, the Badlands biome is a safe haven for gold hoarders.

4) Teleport To Nearby Caves By Eating Chorus Fruit:

Caves are a very suitable place to find various types of ores by mining. That’s why most people look for caves by digging underground. However, you can take a shortcut technique and find your nearest cave in the shortest time.

If you are mining underground to find caves, you can simply eat a Chorus fruit. After eating a Chorus fruit, you’ll be teleported to your nearest cave. But, if you don’t have any caves nearby, you won’t be able to teleport there by eating a Chorus fruit.

So, in a way, eating Chorus fruit is a good way of detecting if there are indeed any caves nearby you are not. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Chorus fruit can be used as an effective tool for finding caves in the least bit of time.

5) Employee Automatic Digging In Mining:

Sometimes you have to dig for a long time to find oars by mining. But, it can be a tiresome job to keep pressing the keyboard buttons to continuously mine for a long time. That’s why you can use a short technique that will facilitate you to keep digging automatically.

When you are digging and breaking the soil blocks, simply press the (F3 + T) button. This particular combination will reset the texture of your Minecraft game. However, in the process, you will see that your avatar is automatically digging in the ground without needing you to continuously tap on the keyboard keys.

Therefore, you can employ this technique for doing long-term automatic digging without tiring out your fingers.

Now, if you want to take control of your aviator back, you just need to press any key and you will have the avatar back in your control.

6) Don’t Forget To Light Up Your Excavated Area:

In the Minecraft game mobs commonly attack in the dark. That’s why when excavating underground and creating a cave of your own, you run the risk of running into dangerous mobs if you don’t keep your cave well lit.

That’s why, the best way to protect yourself in the caves is to plant torches all over the place. Now, you might think it’s a hassle to carry torches with you all the time. So, we recommend that you at least keep the needed materials with yourself to craft a torch.

Summing It Up:

as you may well know, good gamers are those players who know how to utilize shortcuts and techniques. That’s why we think, if you are able to employ the techniques we have mentioned above, you can be a pro-Minecraft miner in no time.

So, without further ado, go ahead and try out all the techniques we have laid down above. Best of luck to you!!