Known for being one of the most successful games is our very own Minecraft. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years, so much so that it is being taught in school. If you are a Minecraft lover and are looking to take your game a notch higher you will enjoy this article where we give you some cool Minecraft garden ideas. 

Minecraft is not only about creating larger-than-life structures or medieval-style buildings, it is more than that. A lot of Minecraft players do not focus on Minecraft garden ideas which can change and uplift the whole Minecraft landscape ideas. A cute Minecraft garden has the potential to grab attention as a central attraction. Minecraft garden designs can even enhance your main structures and make gameplay more fun for you. 

A Minecraft garden can add decorative value to your Minecraft landscape and make it more fun. These garden ideas for Minecraft will inspire you to make a garden of your choice and inspire you to make use of the space you have. These garden ideas for Minecraft will also inspire you to look at Minecraft pond ideas, Minecraft waterfall ideas, and Minecraft backyard ideas where you can maybe build your Minecraft garden. 

Here are the Best Minecraft garden ideas

In this articles, we have covered 10 of the best Minecraft garden ideas that you will can try while playing Minecraft.

Zen Garden 

Who doesn’t love a Zen garden? Why not build it for your Minecraft gameplay. Build this Zen garden replica from Cortizerino and make your Minecraft world a lot more interesting. As soon as you enter this garden you will be welcomed by the wooden gates of Torii which will take you to another world. If you peep inside, you will see an amalgamation of greenery, flowers, and sand making it a tranquil zen garden. 

There are contrasting large and huge boulders that are also flat which makes it a nice addition to the flat outlay of the zen garden. There is also some room that can accommodate some props that are cute and aesthetic. 

Yin Yang Rock Garden 

One of the most serene Minecraft garden ideas is Yin Yang Rock Garden envisioned by Cortizerino. There are two types of stones used, one light and the other dark. It is used in such a way that it looks like the symbol of Yin and Yang. The whole garden is full of tall bamboo trees that are placed in one corner and the other corner has lamps and plants. The focal point of this garden is certainly the symbol of Yin and Yang. 

Also, if you look closely you will observe the missing roof in this garden design to keep you safe during any rainy storms. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful Minecraft garden idea that you can try out. 

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Oriental Garden 

Another Minecraft garden idea is this lovely oriental garden design from A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT. It is a combination of various fun aesthetic things together that make this garden design unique in its own way. It will make you take a stroll through the garden for sure. It has a variety of leaves, sands, rocks, and mushrooms that when put together make a beautiful and pleasing garden design. You will also find a bridge to join two distinct areas present in the garden along with a serene and tiny stream.

Another quirky feature of this beautiful garden is the light source made from the Glowstone. This is not generally seen in many gardens were Glow Stones are used as a source of light instead of a lamp for natural lighting and glow. Try these Minecraft garden ideas to make your own Oriental garden. 

Koi Pond 

Minecraft pond ideas are not always unique. If you have a stream or river that you wish to build your garden around or over it, you can try this Koi Pond idea from Cortezerino. 

This Koi pond garden idea will make you fall in love with it. It has an abundance of lily pads floating over it along with other flowers and a lot of koi swimming happily below the water. You can also cross over with the help of a lovely bridge and admire these koi fish that are colorful. To provide shade for your dear plants there is also a gazebo made from wood. Not only will it keep the plants safe from the harsh sun but also add aesthetic value to the garden. 

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Minecraft Courtyard Garden 

In this Minecraft design idea, the garden is nestled between the walls of the castle. It is decorated with tiles, hedges, trees, and waterscapes. Designed by Spudetti, this fountain garden is gorgeous on many levels. 

You can build this Minecraft courtyard garden to add a royal touch to your courtyard and feel like a royal. The tall grass, pathways that are paved and the central foundation of stone make the garden look magical. Taking a walk in the courtyard garden in the evening after a long day of battling it out in the jungle will feel so relaxing, isn’t it? You can take inspiration and create this garden in a hotel, castle, own base, or a fortress to give a fancy new look. 

Desert Theme Garden 

Take inspiration from BlueNerd Minecraft, a desert theme garden and build your own garden based on a desert theme. If you enjoy some sand and sun, you can create this garden for yourself. 

This Minecraft garden idea includes desert plants in a pot and cacti on the borders of the garden to give it a desert look. The garden floor has an alternating use of three different materials, planks of wood, dirt, and rough sand. This gives the garden an authentic look. There is also a small area that has a roof, this can give guests and wanderers some time to cool off and offers shade. 

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Paved Rose Garden 

Another Bluenerd Minecraft creation is the Paved Rose Garden. It is a small garden of 17 x 17, yet it looks petite and gorgeous. It has two entrances that have arches of wood and on all the sides are tall plants in pots. There is also an area at the center that is elevated and has a flower bouquet. 

There are benches made of wood placed on the garden corners that can be used by people passing by to sit and even enjoy the well-organized and gorgeous garden. You can also get yourself an outdoor lounge if you add in some nice designs on the walls. 

Elven Water Garden 

Yet another Bluenerd Minecraft design is the Elven Water Garden. It is an outdoor structure that looks majestic from all angles. It has two levels to it along with white-washed walls, planks of wood in white, and a roof with tiles in jade green. The light source in many Minecraft garden ideas is lamps, in this one as well. This Minecraft water garden idea is not the usual garden design that looks similar to any outdoor structure. This garden architectural design is hard to ignore. It will make any garden look beautiful. 

Right under this structure is a water body that encapsulates the whole build. To prevent any accidental falls, there are planters and fences that are placed strategically to stop anyone from falling over into the water.  The water looks quite deep! Beware!

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Relaxing Garden Minecraft Idea 

Relaxing garden Minecraft idea is a creation of Bluenerd Minecraft. It is a luxurious garden that has a woody feel to it. There is a fence that surrounds the entirety of the garden that makes it look like a private space and has some exclusivity as you will realize when you enter it. 

Some lanterns hang on the bridge that is made of wood. This bridge is in the center of this Minecraft garden. You can see the pleasing stream flowing below and feel serene. It is a nice place to take a stroll. 

The central water body is the main attraction of this relaxing garden Minecraft idea. The stream flows effortlessly, it flows at the right angle and is covered with leaves that don’t make it look artificial but realistic. 

Sunken Castle Garden 

Sunken Castle garden is another design conceived by Bluenerd Minecraft. It will give you the feeling of passing through a thick forest. The design has canopies of trees that are fake and under it are steps made of stone. The pathway has a lot of brightly colored flowers. 

You can build this garden that leads to an even bigger and majestic space. Build it in front of a temple or a castle, either way, it will add a touch of elegance. 

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Take inspiration from some of these Minecraft garden ideas and get started on building one for yourself. Minecraft garden ideas are often overlooked but they sure add a lot of aesthetic value to your Minecraft landscapes. Any time is great to start a Minecraft garden, you do not need to wait for spring. These above-mentioned gardens will look pleasant throughout the year. Build any huge structure or building of your choice and add in a garden to make it look different and attractive.