Flooring is one of the most essential things that minecraft offers, even if  you are using blocks that are temporary, these are the most aesthetically pleasing parts of this game.

Every Minecraft lover has had a special place in their hearts for the flooring, every floor means something different and has a theme behind it which makes all the difference. Minecraft is the only game that honors the diversity of materials, this is a feature you can see in something as secondary as the floor design. 

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best Minecraft floor designs. Strap on. Let’s get started. 

Here are 10 of The Best Minecraft Floor Designs

1. Blackstone Floor

 Blackstone Floor
Image Source : Reddit.com

The materials used for this type of Minecraft floor design are black stones and basalt that are polished. The theme for this type of flooring is ancient buildings and nether-styled blacksmiths. It’s a relatively easy pattern, it has 6×6 as its original size and it contains polished Blackstone on the middle and on the sides, this is followed by polished basalt that has different facing angles. You can always expand its size to fit the foundation by extending the Blackstone, which means redoing the 5×6 or 6×5 pattern. It all depends on what you desire to do.

2. Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor
Image Source : Reddit.com

The material of this type of floor design is stripped wood, the theme that it has is rustic, medieval building, one of the most compelling things about this kind of floor design is that it is based on the basket in real life where there are lines of stripped wood intersect each other and there four wood that is stripped is facing upward in the edge. It is 100% Wood and you also have the option of saplings around, This is a great design if you like your floor designs to look organic. You are able to use any kind of option for the wood, from Oak, Spruce, Birch Dark Oak all the ones that exist in real life. See which one do you want according to your desired building theme.

3. Construction Floor

Construction Floor
Image Source : Pinterest.com

The material for this is the beehive, oak, and piston; the theme is medieval and modern for construction flooring. You can witness the floor pattern in a small shop for example the fish or storage shop. Piston uses make design has a significant effect in terms of its detail. It almost looks like there are strips that connect wooden planks making the foundation of it quite stable. The material on the other hand is produced in bulk. The next material is a beehive for which you need three honeycombs, you can achieve this by farming bees in this brilliant game.

4. Glowing Floor

Glowing Floor
Image Source : https://whatifgaming.com/

The material is glowstone, shroomlight, and honeycomb block. It has a fairy and forest theme but it can also fit properly in a futuristic one. This is an expensive floor design but it is also pleasant to look at. With shroomlights in the cross design, wrapped by the glowstone and honeycomb chunk this flooring has lights. It lets your house shine at night preventing the mob from reappearing. you can also naturally get shroomlights in the nether. If you have a massive building then this floor works. For this too you will need to have a bee farm.

5. Nether Floor

Nether Floor
Image Source : youtube.com

There are a range of materials for this type of floor design, some of them being-

Netherrack, Red Nether Brick, Crimson Nylium, Black Glazed Terracotta, Nether Wart Block, and Chiseled Polished Blackstone. The theme for this would be chilling builds. This one is well balanced in terms of its shape and size, you can put a special block in the center. It is polished and chiseled Blackstone that looks breathtaking. The surroundings could have Nether wart block nor brick. You will have to farm a significant amount of nether warts as it is the main ingredient for all of the blocks here. You will also use a lot of clay or mesa biome to use terracotta.

6. Ruined Stone Bricks Floor

 Ruined Stone Bricks Floor
Image Source: Game.guide

The material for this is stone brick and stone brick that is cracked, you can also use smooth stone bricks. The theme could range from the castle, temple or ruin builds. It is also quite compatible with a medieval theme. It is an asymmetrical floor that has a stone block as the dominant block. The flooring has a lot of detail with the trench that is created by the stone, you can also put water in the stair to make it look like a sewer. This type of floor design is quite realistic and can be built with just one stone. It is one of the best Minecraft floor designs that there is.

7. The Wooden Floor

The Wooden Floor
Image Source : Reddit.com

The material for this type of floor design is the barrel, oak wood, and spruce trapdoor. The theme that it goes quite well with is rustic and medieval builds. It is one of the favorite ones for gamers. The colors stir with each other and when you let the barrels intertwine with the trapdoors the floor’s visual appeal is detail-oriented. The matter is very basic; you will only need oak logs and spruce however the delicate part is the placement of the log and barrel since the placements affect how your blocks will appear.

8. Wave Design Floor

Wave Design Floor
Image Source : https://whatifgaming.com/

The materials for this are smooth stone and light gray glazed terracotta. It plays out well with futuristic themes as well as aqua themes. The glazed terracotta is quite important for this kind of flooring. It is a highly detailed floor design and it has a lot of possibilities for usage. With just four of these, you can create 15 plus blends of the floor pattern. This floor design is quite simple yet unique since it takes advantage of the bends of glazed terracotta blocks. Some gamers can find it quite difficult to build, it has a diagonal build which just means you will need to rotate your camera 45 degrees to see the actual potential of this effect. You will need to place light gray glazed terracotta in the correct direction so that you can produce the wave pattern. You should be familiar with terracotta blocks for this.

9.  Coral Floor

 Coral Floor
Image Source : Reddit.com

The materials for this are coral block, dead bubble coal block, and coral block. 

It goes well with themes like scary, ocean, and rustic. It also works well with medieval builds. This type of floor design is quite ideal for the creepy one. It creates an aesthetic for a dead environment, it is also ideal for medieval structures as well as basements of an abandoned laboratory. Users also like to use it in a temple that could be underwater. The diagonal pattern is known to cycle across every dead coral block that establishes a nice effect. Currently, a user I know only uses three but you can use up to 5 coral blocks in this pattern to play with its texture. You have to find a particular structure for this, you are looking for Coral Reef which will be found in the ocean biome, and to mine these corals you will need to carry a silk touch pickaxe.

10. The Copper Floor

The Copper Floor
Image Source : Youtube.com

The material for this one is cut copper, exposed cut copper, and oxidized cut copper. The theme is that the copper floor goes well with industrial builds and modern builds. The eventual floor design takes advantage of the new Minecraft update, just like coral copper too lets you establish a diagonal line. That is by a longshot most expensive floorings that are available on this list. 


These were the top 10 floor designs for Minecraft that you can use to do up your foundation. Most of them are quite simple to create and some are quite difficult. See which one works best for you. Remember it depends on the material that is available to you.