A technical essay is academic writing of not more than 2000 words providing answers and contributions to a question asked or a statement made respectively. However, unlike mere articles or essays, technical essays provide information and facts about a particular topic or subject matter. The format in a technical essay is more organized and ordered than what is obtainable in a normal essay and structurally, they are divided into introduction, body, and conclusion. Technical essays also contain unfamiliar sections like abstract and reference that differentiates it from a normal essay. Thus, to write a technical essay you must possess a special ability to arrange and organize.

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Have a clear and concise message

Technical essays are written to answer questions or make contributions on a technical subject and when writing one ensures the purpose of the writing supersedes every other clue or hints provided in the writing. For instance, if you are writing on a topic like “are Samsung phones the best options in the market?”, for the side of the arguments you chose, your writing must contain enough reasons to convince a person that has an alternative view. 

  • Do not deviate from the topic

Most times in technical essay writing, some writers deviate from the topic completely leaving the reader confused. Hence, you must prevent this by drawing up an outline to guide you properly. Also, an outline will help organize your essay properly so you do not end up deviating from the subject matter to be discussed.

  • Include your methodology

Technical essays are normally very technical in nature and as such a writer may have to run some data analysis or practicals to obtain answers. However, don’t fail to include a detailed explanation of the method you adopted in obtaining your results. Also, give specific reasons why you employed that particular method in accomplishing the task and if possible, why you think your chosen method is the best for the job. This will prove to the reader that you did a thorough investigation before delivering the job.

  • Use technical terms

Technical essays are technical in nature hence, when writing your essay, include some industry or field terminologies and jargons to present you as a writer with high knowledge of the area of study. I am not saying that your essay must contain lots of terminologies but rather use technical terms when it is needed to keep the essay professional.

  • Check the specific requirements

If you are a student and you are writing a technical essay as part of school work, check the specific requirements expected from you by the college before you begin to write. You must check for the specific font to use and also, check the minimum number of words to maintain. Furthermore, check the format requirements and the citation style recommended by the management to do a great job.

  • Pay close attention to your structure

Every technical essay must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion but before this, select or choose a title that perfectly describes the contents of your essay. After that, write a brief abstract that captivates using simple and short sentences. The introduction must contain reasons for writing the technical essay and the impact it will make on the reader. Also, your methodology should fall in the body of the essay and it must contain details and a summary of the various steps you took in accomplishing the task. You can break down in detail to the reader the practical process you took or the survey you conducted in achieving the task. Moreover, the conclusion should be a critical evaluation of the work you have done and an explanation of the results obtained with a reference at the bottom of the essay. The structure of your essay is very important and using the right structure when writing a technical essay will make your work great and help you organize your ideas.

  • Thoroughly proofread your work

Grammatical errors, slangs, and misplaced punctuation marks are some of the things to look-out for when proofreading your work. All forms of errors can discourage the reader from actually reading the essay hence; crosscheck your essay thoroughly before sending it out.  


Technical essays are high-caliber essays that must be written with maximum care. Also, the message that the writer is passing out must be clear and concise and the structure of every technical paper must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion that collectively provide enough details about the scope of the job. Composing a technical essay requires lots of concentration and focus from the writer and a writer must be at his or her best when writing technical essays. However, to obtain a sample that will guide you effectively, visit wiseessays.com