Black Desert Online (BDO) is one of the most exceptional fantasy MMO game in the world. It goes without say, it has easily attracted a huge global audience. Thanks to its world-class graphics and amazing storyline. BDO incorporated several unique magical elements to enhance its appeal. One such element is the Alchemy stone.

Making alchemy stones is one of the most beneficial and profitable activities in the entire Black Desert Online (BDO) game. The alchemy stones can provide the players with several benefits based on their type. You will come across 3 categories of such stones in BDO: Destruction, Protection, and Life.

Crafting Alchemy Stones in BDO

Before you start crafting alchemy stones, you must have done a considerable amount of alchemy before. This is due to the fact that certain ingredients needed in the alchemy stone recipe can be obtained as side products in the previous medium to high-level alchemic procedures. Moreover, remember that high-level alchemy is required to craft a lot of materials required.

Keep in mind that every time you are successful in producing an alchemy stone, you will stand an equal probability of obtaining any of the three stones. Also, remember that there is no specific method to create a certain type of alchemy stone.

First things first, let’s begin by discussing the ingredients required in this recipe! 

Materials required in the alchemy stone recipe

Ingredient Name Number of pieces
Shining Powder 10
Sinner’s Blood 3
Powder of Time 5
Pure Powder Reagent 10
Clear Liquid Reagent 10

Most of the raw-materials listed here can be found at the Central Marketplace. If you own enough silver, then you don’t need to worry. You can easily purchase most of these from the market.

However, if you wish to craft them by yourself or earn some money while doing so, then the following guide to help you out.

How to Gather the Ingredients Used in the Alchemy Stone Recipe?

1. Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent

In case you have already leveled your character with Alchemy, then you might already have an abundant supply of Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent to use. Keep in mind that it is a waste of time and resources when you try to craft the alchemy stone with lower Alchemy levels.

But, it’s a win-win situation for you because one of the best ways to reach level 10 Alchemy is by making Clear Liquid Reagents and Pure Powder Reagents. Here is the recipe for Clear Liquid Reagent:

Ingredient Number of Pieces How to Make / Where to Find
Wild Grass or Weeds 1 Collect herbs and bushes
Sunrise Herb 1 Gather sunrise herb nodes from any of the following locations:

  • Balenos
  • Serendia
  • Valencia
  • Drieghan
Salt 1 Purchase from any merchant selling cooking products
Purified Water 1 The recipe is given below


Pure Powder Reagent Recipe

Ingredients Number of pieces How to Make / Where to Find
Wild Grass or Weed 1 Can be found while gathering bushes and herbs
Silver Azalea 1 From Northern Plain at Serendia 2 and Lynch Farm Ruins 1 of Heidel at Serendia.
Sugar 1 Can be purchased from a cooking merchant
Purified Water 1 The recipe is given below


Purified Water Recipe

Purchase an empty bottle from a material vendor. Right-click on it while you are standing in a river or on the Heidel fountain. Now, gather the Bottle of River Water which will cost you energy as all other gathering actions do. Then you can simply process it by pressing L and click on Filter to Purified Water which will filter the water. 

2. Powder of Time

This ingredient is easy to collect and can be found at a total of 6 nodes. So, you can choose to use a Human Worker for the job who is Skilled. There are several usage needs of the Powder of Time but you need only one node for the alchemy stone recipe. Hence, it’s better to judge your needs before setting out to find it.

Nodes of Powder of Time:

  • Glish Swamp 2 in Serendia
  • Quint Hill 2 in Epheria of Calpheon
  • Omar Lava Cave 2, Ancient Fissure 2, and Abandoned Iron Mine 2 of Tarif at Mediah
  • Holo Forest 1 at Old Wisdom Tree located at Kamasylvia

3. Sinner’s Blood Recipe

This is a tricky recipe to prepare but it is good enough to level your Professional 1 alchemy. Given below are all the ingredients you need to prepare Sinner’s Blood:

Ingredients Number of Pieces How to make / Where to find
Clear Liquid Reagent 1 The recipe is given above
Blood Group 2 2 Includes blood from sheep / llama / pig / goat / deer / ox, etc.
Powder of Flame 1 Found at almost every copper node such as Northern Heidal Query, Coastal Cave, and so on
Bloody Tree Knot 1 Found at nodes of Forest of Treant, Elric Shrine, Stonetail Wasteland


A lot of blood is needed from Blood Group 1 and it will be fairly easy to do so. And you already have the Clear Liquid Reagent with you. Lastly, there are nodes from where you can gather the Bloody Tree Knots and the Powder of Flame.

4. Shining Powder

This powder is the hardest to obtain in the entire list of materials needed in the alchemy stone recipe. The reason being that it is created only as a by-product from various mediocre alchemy practices. So, it is clear that you must master some mid-level alchemy recipes to get your hands on some shining powder.

Note that the Clear Liquid Reagent that is needed in the alchemy stone recipe, falls in the lower level category. This recipe along with other such lesser recipes does not produce Shining Powder in the form of a by-product. But, Sinner’s blood does produce Shining Powder and you will be preparing sinner’s blood for the alchemy stone recipe. So that’s the solution to your problem.

To be frank, you wouldn’t find any best recipe to get Shining Powder. So, trying out AFK and actively-gathering for long sessions might help before procuring it.


Making the alchemy stone is no child’s play given that there isn’t any particular recipe to prepare a specific type of such stones. However, the alchemy stones are much sought after because they can be very beneficial for the players yielding them. And yes, alchemy stones do require you to work a lot to finally obtain them. But, once you get these, you will earn a huge amount of silver for making them. So, go try these magical stones now!