There were times when our mobile devices were just used to make phone calls or sending messages. However, now the scenario is completely different. From bank accounts to confidential documents and bank accounts, everything is stored and accessible through that handy device. Now, if you think technically, do you believe that keeping your android secure is much more important? The answer would obviously be yes! By reading further you’ll get to know why it is highly necessary to keep this gadget safe and secure.

In today’s world half of our work is now done through a mobile rather than a desktop. Many of the tablets and phones do not require the installation of an antivirus software but trust me it is equally important because android phone do contain viruses.

Why Are Online Security Tools Important for Android?

As compared to IOS devices, Android phones are not much secured. They run on an open-source code, which means the owner can easily change settings to make adjustments. On the other hand, Android sources apps from developers. However, this makes the security of Android fragile and unsecured.

The android may not get traditional viruses but can face malware. This means that activities of the user such as phone call recordings and locations can easily be tracked by malware hides in the device. Other than that, applications are installed outside the Google Play, which may be unsafe. It’s better to install them to antivirus software such as AVG, Avast Mobile Security, etc.

Facts You Should Keep in Mind to Keep Your Device Safe

For the safety of your android, keep the following points in mind:

Secure Browsing: You can now browse safely through the safe browsing feature which is enabled by default. This helps to warn the user prior to entering any suspicious website. But for this you must keep your Android device and Chrome always up to date.

Updates: This is an essential step towards security. Make sure all your apps and devices are updated to enhance the performance of your devices. This also makes your gadget secured with the latest security features.

App Permissions: In the App and Notification menu you can see an app permission feature which gives you the authority to permit to access to specific apps.

In order to avoid any sort of harm, it is essential to keep in mind these points.

Why Do You Need an Antivirus on Your Android Device?

We all know that Android already has security features, but still you may need security layers for other factors as well, which may include:

  • As many people download apps from Google Play, therefore those apps are highly secured and certified. However, this is not the case every time. Therefore, it is better to keep an extra layer through antivirus software.
  • Many people adore rooted devices. However, such devices contain a higher risk of malware and threat attacks. In such situations antivirus software can save the gadget.
  • If your device is used for work, then it may contain highly confidential data. In any case if it gets hacked it can cause great losses.
  • In case your phone gets stolen it may give access to someone suspicious which may cause great harm. Also, in this case, antivirus software can save you.
Best Tools to Keep Your Device Secured!

Security is nothing to be scared about! Choose the best security apps for Android and take a chance to breathe with ease.

Screen pinning

Many have forgotten this amazing feature which can prevent others from poking into other places while having your phone in their hands. For this you just have to tap that pushpin button and it will lock your phone to that specific app. To access something else in the phone, the user will then need the passcode to proceed.

Password Management App

Many free apps are available which can help you generate and store passwords. Weak passwords are always a threat to your data and accounts. The app will store all passwords for apps and accounts in your android and will keep it encrypted. You’ll just have to remember one password of that app to access the rest.

Two-factor authentication

Even through passwords, it does not secure your device. Why not add a second layer of protection? This is one of the best ways to keep hackers away from you and your device. Install an app which helps you generate a second temporary code even if you enter your password. This combination would help to keep your device highly protected.


Antivirus is not just the only way to keep your device secured. There are now many other online tools which keep your device fully protected with encryption and security layers. By keeping all the above information in mind, choose whether your device requires extra security. with the best security apps for Android!