Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where you would be enjoying your favourite online action, shoot em’ up, or fantasy games without a care in the world or where you could play at your favourite online casinos in New Zealand without worrying about hackers or malware, cyber-attacks or any other criminal activity getting in the way of your gaming time?

Well, unfortunately, we live in a world where everything we do online tends to be under attack or put at risk at one time or another as those that would like to get into your account for their own personal gain are always looking for ways to do just that.
If you are like me you will have more than one or two games on Stream as well as more than one or two online casinos that I visit on a regular basis, and the last thing I want is to suffer any type of data breach of my gaming platform or anyone hacking into my personal online casino account.

Fortunately, there are ways that I can (and you can) protect my accounts from hackers and realising that this could happen is the first step we all make before becoming more security conscious.

If we take the online casinos first the industry as a whole if pretty clued in when it comes to keeping your private details safe and secure. Remember to play at a site that is both regulated and licensed by a reputable gambling commission and that all banking details are dealt with in code that is encrypted.

You could also check to see if the site uses pay by phone banking which actually cuts out any need to give over your bank details as all games are paid for using your monthly contract or your pay-as –you-go account.

Be very aware of Phishing attacks which is where a hacker will try to reach your login credentials through trickery. There could be fake emails sent to you and as no true site will ask for your username or password.

Another way to protect yourself online might sound blindingly obvious but protect yourself against malware. Those virus’s worms and Trojans that can make a mess of your machine and also try to steal your credentials or even, take control of your computer or other device.

Get yourself a solid anti-virus solution to do away from this threat.

Make sure that you have a strong password and don’t use things like linking two well know words together like ‘orangejuice’ or 123456. If you are not sure then check out one of the many password generators out there to get an idea of what is a stronger password that will not be easily cracked.

Finally, be very careful when you are using public Wi-Fi. Many of us use the Wi-Fi of the hotel we visit or a hotspot to play on our favourite games, but be aware that public means that it will be sharing a network – and that network will be shared with strangers, so if there was someone unscrupulous using the same network then you would be putting yourself at risk.

Being aware is the name of the game, and as long as you know that the potential for those less honest than ourselves are out there you are half-way at least to defeating them.