the-dead-caseDue to some unforeseen problems, yesterday we couldn’t award any game with our “flash game of the day” award, so today I’ll try making up for that by offering another great flash game you can play for free in your browser, a second game of the day, if you want to (although the winner remains Darkbase 2).

The Dead Case is the game I’m talking about, a really old school point and click adventure game with a really interesting and fresh approach to the mystery solving genre: you play as a ghost who has to solve its own death! Now that’s what I call a bit too motivational!

Either way, you will have lots of screens to navigate through (which is also the game’s bad point since some of them offer nothing but a way to waste your time), lots of characters to interact with and an overall interesting story, some really cool, hand-drawn graphics and it is, after all, a really humorous and well written game.

Actually, that’s what seems to matter most in The Dead Case: the story and not the puzzle solving skills. So we can say that it’s a fresh, easy to play adventure game (completely free!) for those who have a bit of time to do quite some random clicking around. Enjoy!