Online games are video games which are partially or fully played through the internet; these games are great for many reasons which include the convenience, opportunity to interact with fellow gamers amongst other advantages. Below is a list of seven best online games which you can play on your browser by going to Friv. Don’t forget; they are free.

If you are a fan of the old arcade game- Snake, then this is the game for you. Slither was developed by Steve Howse and it is online multiplayer games where players control snake avatars with one objective, to eat enough pellets till you become the longest snake in the world. While doing this, the player will have to fight off and defeat other snakes and he must prevent his avatar head from colliding with the body parts of another snake because this will spell instant death. With millions of players worldwide, there is no dull moment once you start. Features of the game also include twelve different skins and the other graphics calculated to add to the excitement.

Zombie vs. Janitor

This is a first-person shooter game with 3D graphics which makes it thrilling and entertaining to play. As the name suggests, the player is a simple janitor whose job gets more complicated than the job description could have imagined when a zombie apocalypse breaks up in school. With a variety of weapons, the janitor must fight to save his own life by killing off different types of zombies until the timer runs out. Weapons, health and other upgrades can also be purchased in the gameplay.

Space Frontier

This is an online game where the player as an astronaut must take control of a gigantic spaceship and ensure it is properly launched from the earth. Timing is very critical to this game and this is where the player finds the challenge. The better a player is, the higher the chances of a successful launch and coins gotten from a successful launch can be used to purchase newer and better rocket models.

Warzone Online

This is an online web browser multiplayer game where you work in teams to protect your territory and capture your enemy’s territories. Two teams are involved in this first person shooter game and your weapon will determine your appearance, needless to say there is a wide range of weapons to pick from and if you are short of players, you can use bots to fight your battles as well. Cool right?

It is a massively multiplayer online game where the rule is as simple as that of the jungle-eat or be eaten. Players control cells in a map and the more these cells eat other cells and agar, the bigger they become. This game has five modes which include the Free for All, Battle Royale, Team Mode, Experimental Mode and the Party Mode. All these modes have their peculiarities which makes the game even more interesting to play. For instance, the Free for All mode allows a cell when it has reached sufficient mass to split and multiply itself while in the party mode, a player can play with friends on a private server. The Battle Royale mode is a battle against time for who will get the biggest before the map shrinks.


This is one of the oldest games still in existence; it was originally designed by Alexey Pajitnov who derived its name from the Greek numerical prefix tetra because all the game’s pieces have four segments and tennis, his favorite sport. It involves manipulating game pieces known as tetriminos so that they form a solid horizontal line with no gaps and once this is formed, the blocks disappear and the ones above it fall to fill the void left, the more lines cleared, the higher the level and the higher the level the faster the tetriminos fall. The online version is exactly like the original arcade version and this allows you to play the good old Tetris on your browser.

War of Tanks

This is an online game where the player controls an armored tank on war-torn battlefields with the aim of destroying enemy’s tanks. There are other tanks moving along with the player as he navigates the field and obstacles which the player can hide behind as he reloads his weapon. With great graphic and sound quality, the game is one of the best around.

Finally, these online games are not just great; they are free which means you don’t have to spend money before having the utmost fun. So go straight to Friv and enjoy.