Did you know that you can make more money as a gamer than just by winning at competitions? You can now earn money streaming videos of you playing games through platforms like Twitch.

Twitch is a platform permitting gamers to stream videos of themselves playing games to generate their more than 100 million page views a month. It’s the person who broadcasts the video who earns through it.

You stand to earn more money if you have more viewers watching you play. Here’s what you have to do if you want to earn money online through Twitch.

Create a channel

You first have to create a channel for streaming live gameplay videos. You need three things to do this. A computer or console for playing the game, a webcam for recording the video and a microphone headset for an audio commentary.

It’s left to you to decide if you want to provide a funny commentary while playing or something serious like tips to play the game. This is the best decision based on whether you want a funny or serious channel and if you want to help other gamers or give them something to laugh.

Twitch viewer bots have had a huge impact on the platform, this article has lots of info: 9 Best Twitch Viewer Bots for More Live Views (2021).

You may upload pre-recorded videos but you earn more through live gameplay streams. It’s because Twitch offers 24-hour channel streams, with the purpose to provide their users with access to gameplay live streams.

The game you choose to broadcast yourself playing also affects your success on the platform. While you may be tempted to play the major trending games remember that there are many other broadcasters offering stiff competition.

It’s worth broadcasting these games if you have something special in your game or give commentary that makes subscribers come back for more. Otherwise, it’s better and easier to create a mark for yourself broadcasting games that fewer people play.

Earn more by interacting with more people

Twitch has a chat feature for viewers to ask questions about gameplay and to know you better. Gamers with higher engagement rates and more followers profit the most.

Besides the chat room, you can also use an app to earn money such as Callmart, a charged communication app, to reach out to your followers. The benefit of using this app is that you can charge your followers for talking with you or for your advice.

You will have to pay a minimal fee to Callmart. It’s worth it because you can choose when you are free to attend to calls and your per-minute rates for advising customers.

There’s no worry about payments as you are paid immediately upon completing the call. You can also interact with your followers if and when you attend conventions, and of course through your other social media networks.

Monetizing your account

There are various avenues to earn money through Twitch. One way is for the exposure you provide to the games on site while playing them. You get to decide how many ads you want to play per hour during your video stream.

Most gamers permit about three ads in an hour. Twitch pays your share of the revenue generated by visitors who view your channel and click on ads to your PayPal account.

You can earn more online by adding links for viewers to click and follow to buy games on Amazon, Twitch’s owner. There are other ways to earn money through Twitch, which is possible if and when you establish a brand and have a sizeable following.

Brands will start approaching you with sponsorship offers like free games or equipment, some may even pay you. You can also earn money selling merchandise independently or through Twitch’s partnership program once you establish your brand on the platform.

This is when you can also start accepting donations from fans and subscribers on your channel. There are quite a few fans and subscribers who are so happy with your game that they make donations to reward you.

If you have been streaming live games from YouTube before, and have a high YouTube viewership, you can even migrate your games from YouTube to Twitch.

You can apply for a fresh partnership program from YouTube as long as you have more than 100,000 subscribers, about 15,000 views per video and content conforming to Twitch’s Terms of services.

Earn more with Callmart

So you see, the main aspect to successfully earn money through Twitch is through your game choice and play, and your subscribers. You have to stream as many live streams as possible, and make connections.

This is where the money app Callmart proves really useful. You can even share your membership URL on your social media accounts so that your followers know about you.

Being a Callmart member helps you earn more money online. You are paid to talk and advise your followers, you get more people clicking on Twitch ads to generate more Twitch revenue and you earn more for selling merchandise to more people.