darkbase2Fresh out of the Crazy Monkey studios we have today’s free flash game of the day, an really cool top-down shooter, Darkbase 2: The Hive. For those who love to keep updated with the latest in the flash games world, I am sure that this title rings some bells: it is indeed the sequel to the original Darkbase Incubation, one that adds lots of improvements.

In Darkbase 2, you once again play the role of Lieutenant Alice Foster who once again has to make her way out of the space station – one infected with hordes of dinosaur-like aliens. Soon you’ll start to remember things – gladly, you know how to use a gun from the beginning – and your quest for survival will get very intense.

Even though a true quality game, Darkbase 2: The Hive has a pretty slow start, with very few enemies and way too much walking for a top down shooter. But soon you’ll wish things stayed the same since swarms of aliens will come and attack you and you’ll have fun. But you must endure about five minutes of boredom until the fun starts. At least you get a chance to improve your aiming!

So, if you’re ready, go ahead and play today’s free flash game of the day and remember to check back for more!