overlord2-tdWith the next Overlord II game coming very, very soon, the developers have decided to tease the game a little bit and they have offered a free flash based tower defense game, Overlord II Tower Defense. Unfortunately, even though fun in concept, this TD game is only a “five minutes wonder”… and maybe you can even scratch the last word!

The official description of the game is nice: “The villagers have put up with your tyranny and casual violence for far too long. They found your castle and are revolting! Deploy your minions along the path to end their sorry existences before they reach your tower. Next time they’ll think twice about leaving their homes… or will they?”

But once you start to play the game, you notice that it’s not that nice and fun. First of all, Overlord II Tower Defense lacks what is, in my opinion, a must when it comes to TD games: upgrade options for the placed minions (the towers). Also, the enemies keep on flowing and coming, and coming and soon you will have no time to place your minions. The sound ain’t great at all, either, and the fun factor quickly fades away. So, yes, it’s just a game you can try here in a five minutes break. And all you can hope for is that the full game will not be similar with this one in terms of quality.