being-one-screenshotWe’re back to awarding awesome flash games with Unigamesity’s flash game of the day award and we’re restarting this award process with a top class first person adventure/escape the room game, Being One, created by Mousebreaker, probably one of the best flash game developers at the moment.

In Being One, you simply wake up in the middle of your puzzle, without knowing exactly what happened or what you have to do. One thing is obvious: the green goo you’re into is not the perfect spot for wasting time, so you will first have to get out of that. Then, you will have to find out who you are and who sent you wherever you are. Oh, yes – and escape the facility, too! Sounds to complicated? It might be, but at least it’s fun and a really nice challenge.

Being One comes with an interesting and maybe good addition to the first person adventure genre: all the hot spots on the screen are automatically highlighted when you hover the mouse over them, so there will be just a few random clicks on the screen – which is great if you’re playing the game from your work desk, since nobody will stare at you clicking 20 times, maddened, when you should be working, right?

Except for these obviously great pro, Being One comes with some really cool visuals, plenty of rooms to explore and a very solid story, backed up by solid puzzles of medium difficulty. So, even though it won’t put your brain on fire, Being One will still prove to be a high quality flash adventure game you can play for free, straight from your browser.

So go on and give it a try right now!