Five Minutes Break: Play Fragger

Five Minutes Break: Play Fragger

fraggerGot a short break and you have no idea how to spend it? Well, search no more because I have the perfect free flash game for you, a game of skill and wit, a game similar to the more popular (and more tactical) Crush the Castle. I am talking about Fragger, a bit more random and quite easy version of the aforementioned title, but quite fun, in the end.

The goal is pretty simple: by controlling the angle and the speed of a throw, you must destroy all the zombie-looking opponents before running out of grenades. The first 15 to 17 levels are incredibly simple and fun, only the last ones being a bit more tricky, but still not impossible to handle.

Fortunately, Fragger delivers some physics based gameplay too, obstacles that have to be blasted away and more possibilities to win a level (you can, for instance, put the targets out of view to consider them done). Unfortunately, sometimes the physics seem to be a bit off, and especially the movement of the grenade seems a bit strange. But all in all, especially due to its simplicity and fun gameplay, Fragger is a great game for your five minutes break.

Enjoy the game here and remember to check back at the Unigamesity for more!

UPDATE: You can now follow the link to the video walkthrough for Fragger!