The free-to-play browser-based game, Wartune is receiving a new fortune making system, announced Ngames today. The Town Hall will provide great chances for players to craft their own individual fortunes without much effort. The more advanced this building is, the more income it will generate, which means upgrading the Town Hall should be a top priority. Furthermore, the money collected from this building can be used to level up other crucial buildings. There are alternative ways to obtain great amounts of cash, hunting, farming and accepting gifts are jut a few examples. However, the Town Hall system is a much safer method to ensure daily income.

NGames explained the wealth system:

A player’s main city is the hub of their account and the foundation for survival. The central focus of a city is the Town Hall. The level of Town Hall will affect the output of gold, taxes, alchemy, and the level cap of other buildings. Therefore effectively managing a Town Hall will allow players to strengthen their empire quickly and profitably.

In Wartune players can create their own empire as well as leveling up a protagonist hero –  this hybrid MMORPG is currently in open beta phase.