I remember playing Lineage 2 on my PC back when I was younger and all the adult stuff that’s sucking life away from me wasn’t at an all time high. Back then, I had a lot of free time and I loved to spend it playing games. Everybody else was playing WoW, I was playin Lineage 2, Age of Conan and other MMOs that weren’t as popular as Blizzard’s game.

I was happy to hear that Lineage 2 is doing well and that its developers are expanding the portfolio and giving more people the chance to experience its greatness.

They can do so in Lineage 2: Revolution which has already been launched in South Korea late last year and enjoyed great success since then. The game will be available on mobile platforms, but Netmarble – the game’s devs – promises that it will stay true to its PC roots and deliver an experience unlike any other on mobile.

Right now, you can pre-register by visiting the game’s official website and if you do, not only that you’ll be one of the first to play the game, but you’ll also receive some incredible perks at launch (full gear set, in-game currency, and various other items to help you get better).

Lineage 2: Revolution is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on the popular PC online game IP “Lineage2,” which has entertained more than 30 million players since it first debuted. Lineage 2: Revolution stays true to its PC roots, displaying a stunning open field, raids, 200-player castle sieges, character re-designs and classes, all in a mobile environment. A fully-featured MMORPG provides seamless open-world environments, real-time 3vs3 and 50vs50 PvP battles, as well as lifelike fantasy world with dazzling graphics backed by the Unreal 4 engine.

Things are looking and sounding good. It only seems natural that all games make the transition to mobile – hopefully they’ll all do a job as good as Lineage 2 does.