Winter is coming, and I’m not using the quote made famous by Game of Thrones to announce a super duper incoming GoT RPG (unfortunately). Instead, I’m using it to make sure that you give Homescapes a try and do that today!

Homescapes is a brand new match three puzzle game created by Playrix, the same guys behind Gardenscapes. The latter has a long history on mobile and it has recently (well, kind of recently) made the switch from hidden object mechanics to match three ones, and also came with some twists of its own – especially the power-up related ones.

Why does that matter? Well, because Homescapes resembles Gardenscapes quite a lot. It’s made by the same guys, in the end, and they probably thought that as long as something is not broken, there’s no reason to fix it!

Instead, they decided to follow the same route with Homescapes and deliver a charming, beautiful game with lovable characters and a ton of customization options. When it comes to designing the house, you have over 1 million possibilities! Hopefully you’re not the undecided type, otherwise you’ll have a really tough time choosing the looks of your virtual dream home.

Gameplay-wise, the main game is basically the same thing you ended up loving in Gardenscapes. Match three madness with good level designs, interesting features and high quality. You’ll love playing them, no matter if you’re already a Candy Crush fanatic or brand new to the match three genre.

The graphics also deliver a lot of eye candy, especially when it comes to choosing the items for your home and making it yours. If good looks are your thing, Homescapers certainly has a lot of them.

All in all, this is definitely a game to try casually and play for ages. It offers a lot of levels and it will keep you busy for a long time. As I was saying in the title: the perfect game for those cold days that are soon coming. So make yourself a hot chocolate and enjoy some sweet Homescapers levels on mobile!

And if you’re having a tough time making it through the levels, here are 4 tips and tricks shared with players by website Touch Tap Play:

– You should focus on building the Paper Planes on the boards and use them to your advantage, especially in levels where your objectives are hard to reach.

– Take advantage of the rockets as well. They are easier to get and can prove extremely helpful under the right circumstances!

– Don’t be afraid of spending your coins – on boosters or extra moves, as you earn them for free anyway. But make sure that you use them when they make a difference and they actually help you win the level!

– Try to complete the levels with as few moves as possible in order to pump your high score to incredible levels at the end of the day!

With all these in mind, you can definitely give Homecapes a try right away. The game is available on iOS and Android, free of charge!