It’s time to start playing a match three game of epic proportions! Jewel Match IV has just been released over at Big Fish Games and the title can be yours right now if you decide to download it. And if match three games are your favorite titles to pay, then you will have to download it because, just as I said, it’s pretty epic!

Here’s what the description tells us about the game:

Voyage through a wondrous match-3 adventure as Luna, a recent graduate of the Magic University. Use your magical expertise to search Varanah for the missing wizard, Ludovic, across more than 50 sprawling levels! Enlist the help of wizards, sorceresses, leprechauns, and other mysterious characters on your journey.

Enjoy an all-new moving match-3 board with a choice of 5 unique game modes sure to fit any play style. Earn gold and purchase dozens of unique upgrades from the shop to help traverse the expansive levels. Take a break with over 30 hidden object and jigsaw scenes, plus bonus mahjong and sudoku minigames!

In other words, you have everything you can wish for from a match three game and then something extra! The hidden object scenes are really nice, just like the jigsaw one for those who like solving these puzzles. Either way, all the extras offer a great alternative to what the game already has on offer.

Back to the match three part – because that’s the main thing in Jewel Match IV – we have over 50 huge levels to beat and 5 different game modes for those times when you need to up or down the challenge a little bit. The graphics are really great, actually, even though I consider the jewels a bit dated. But so far the reception of this game has been amazing, scoring 4.7 out of 5 stars at the moment of writing.

So click here to head over to Big Fish Games and download Jewel Match IV!