XIXGames announced the release of 6 Dimensions, an alternative title with “different mechanisms and realistic physics”. In this game designed for iOS, players can select six different realms and engage an exciting journey, where skills and dexterity are the keys of success. The company introduced the game and explained some of its peculiarities:

 6Dimensions, a set of mini-games with different mechanics and realistic physics that requires skills such as drawing with your fingers, handle objects by touching, pressing pedals, steering ships, controlling animals, etc.

Check the trailer here;

6 Dimensions is designed to be interactive and unique, players can create dynamic and spectacular stories using simple drawing skills, however to advance players must surpass certain tests. There are currently 66 different levels and countless challenges. This mobile title has a strong social component, where gamers can share their achievements in social networks, once they’ve successfully unlocked a new level.