The last fantasy title from Gamebox, Ancient Summoner, launched today for iOS and PC. This card game features a never ending battle between mythic creatures: elves, goblins, halfbloods, humans and vampires. Today, the company presented the combat system for this free-to-play title, as well as the battle options for this freshly released title:

The competitions between all summoners are various and non-stop. In players’ city, the building “Arena” is the place summoners can find their match via an auto match-up system and battle. (…) To win in a PvP battle, you need to have some awesome cards. In this case, Card Combine and Fuse become very important for summoners.

Check the combat trailer here:

Ancient Summoner features a multi-arena and several tournaments. The arena system has simple rules, in the beginning winning gives score points and losing doesn’t, however at a higher competition, losing will start deducting points. The ranking system will award players according their positions, at the end of each season, the top winners will receive better quality awards as expected. But the arena system doesn’t only allow 1v1 matches, it features 2v2 and 4v4 battles as well, creating an alternative dynamic for Ancient summoners.

In order to success in battle, players will need to use the Alchemy system to fuse and combine cards. Obtaining high level cards by combining random low level ones may be a challenging quest, however there’s another sub-system, the Lucky fuse, that allows players to combine certain specific cards.