warfare1944Sequel to one of the best free flash strategies available over the internet, Warfare 1944 is the clear winner of today’s flash game of the day award, miles away from any competitor and, up to a point, even ready to battle some of the full budget strategy games out there. So either way, no matter if you like strategy games or not, Warfare 1944 is a must play game. Really!

Unlike the original Warfare 1917, the new and improved Warfare 1944 offers way more possible tactical approaches to the missions: there are three planes on the battlefield and maneuvers like flanking, as well as more intense tactical decisions to be made are a must, adding to the overall flavor of the game.

Warfare 1944 is very easy to learn even by those who haven’t played a similar game before and the time wasting factor is equal to zero, especially due to the relatively short maps. However, sometimes you will find yourself waiting for more army recruiting points to be made available – and you should actually do that! – since during the later stages, unless you plan your moves well, you’ll have no chance. Add to all that some experience gaining during the missions, as well as quite a lot upgrade options, and you will have a very solid and highly re-playable game which offers, alongside the two campaign modes, skirmish missions too.

Visually, Warfare 1944 looks very impressive and the art is simply breathtaking, but the sound effects don’t manage to rise up to the standards of the game. However, this doesn’t mean that today’s free flash game of the day is unplayable or a poor title. On the contrary. See for yourself on Armor Games!