zigmond3Today’s recommended short flash game for you to play during the short breaks at office is Zigmond III, a pretty hardcore puzzle game, Sokoban-style puzzler to be precise. However, be warned that this little free flash game would probably best recommended to those who have a rested mind, since come of the puzzles are indeed mind-boggling! Yet again, it will certainly keep our brains fit if we keep playing Zigmond.

Playing as detective Zigmond, you will have to find your way to the staircase in each level and progress to the last, where the bad guy Mr. Evil awaits. Not really a game you’ll play for its story, Zigmond III challenges you with some of the smartest (and most difficult) puzzles I have seen recently in a flash game.

Unlike the classic Sokoban, in Zigmond III you will have to use mirrors, barrels and such to stop the lasers placed by Mr Evil burn your mustache when trying to get to the staircase. And it will be a very tough challenge, trust me! You will have to take everything methodically, weight all the possible steps you can take and painfully move through the levels. And that’s why Zigmond III is perfect for your five minutes break: you will always get stuck somewhere and you’ll let the game be, do something else, clear your mind, then try once more during the next five minutes break. Maybe you’ll solve the puzzle, maybe you won’t, but one thing is clear: you’ll keep your brain fit, for free!

If you’re curious about this game, please give it a try here. But make sure you can accept that some games are not meant to be finished!