The beautiful world of Deponia is back for the lovers of the fantasy world created by the game’s developers, but this time with a different approach. In Deponia: The Puzzle, you are in a race around the clock to complete no less than 96 puzzles based on the world of Deponia. The game is available right now at Big Fish Games and I am sure that all puzzle lovers will appreciate it.

Here’s how the story goes in the game: “Deponia: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will prove to be challenging for skilled puzzle solvers. Try to combine the various pieces of 96 puzzle backgrounds set in the world of Deponia.

Can you get 3 stars on each puzzle? Play different game modes including “Search & Find” and “Drag & Drop”. Chose between various difficulty settings and rotate the board in order to solve the puzzle from a different angle!”

Everything is actually a lot more difficult than it might sound at first, with the challenge being offered by the fact that you choose new puzzle pieces in a race around the clock. If the time runs out, it’s game over for you and you have to start over. The faster you can find the next piece and complete the puzzle, the better your rating. Really, a difficult but fun challenge!

So if you want give this one a try, head over to Big Fish Games here and download Deponia: The Puzzle. You’re also in luck if you do it today, April 30, as the website is running a flash sale and all their games are available at half price!