hrmageddonFeeling the effects of the recession? Then today’s free flash game of the day is exactly what you need in order to get your smile back. Titled HRmageddon and developed by THUP Games, this little flash jewel is certainly a game you will remember and play over and over again. Because it simply makes fun of our problems. In a nice way.

The game’s story is simple and nice: Gray Solutions and Beige Dynamics, two formerly independent companies have to merge together and, of course, layoffs will have to be made. However, you, the player, as the manager of Gray Solutions (or Beige, if you go for the multiplayer), will have to make sure that it’s your employees who get to stay and the rivals who go away. How on earth can you do that? Pure strategy!

Because HRmageddon is a turn based strategy game, one that is really balanced and smartly done. When you start playing, you get to choose a team for your budget of $300,000 – and even though there are just four different types of characters, they offer enough diversity and possible tactical approaches: you have the motivating managers, the all-round Receptionist, the violent and brutal IT Guy and the drunken Salesmen. All of them with three special attack types and different stats.

Add to that changing battlefields (offices) and basically an infinite combination of possible starting lineups, and you’ll have a really solid and extraordinary fun game in HRmageddon, a must play for everybody. Just a quick tip before you go give it a try on Kongregate: click on the footstep marks on the lower part of the game’s screen to speed things up or else you risk falling asleep with boredom.