Play This: Alkirian: The Nine Pages

Play This: Alkirian: The Nine Pages

nine-escapeToday’s free flash game of the day is a really fun escape the room game, Alkirian: The Nine Pages, a game that has incredible depth and it’s quite challenging compared to the number of rooms and items it has to interact with. But, once again, it’s a really cool and fun escape the room game and it’s a worthy winner for our daily award.

The story is quite simple: you’re in your science-obsessed best friend’s room and you have to find out nine pieces of paper to bring him for whatever the reason. Of course, the pieces of paper are well hidden and you have absolutely no idea where to start with. But the good thing is that you like puzzle games, right? So you’ll start searching clicking and you’ll eventually find them all. If not, I’ll be writing a walkthrough for the game pretty soon, so check back here for it!

Back to Alkirian: The Nine Pages, it has some pretty decent visuals, but the lack of a soundtrack makes it a bit boring, even though there are a few sound effects in. The puzzles, on the other hand, are pretty smart and I really enjoyed solving them, even though I hated, as I usually hate in escape the room games, the pixel hunting part.

But, in the end, Alkirian: The Nine Pages is a really solid flash game and you should really try it here. Good luck and have fun!

UPDATE: As promised, the Alkirian: The Nine Pages walkthrough is now available in the Unigamesity!