page-three-locationToday’s free flash game of the day was Alkirian: The Nine Pages and as promised I am offering you now the Alkirian: The Nine Pages walkthrough if you have trouble beating the game or you simply need a guide to find the nine pages hidden across the room. Read on for the step by step guide in my Alkirian: The Nine Pages walkthrough!

1. Get the broken plug and the pliers on the nightstand near the bed.
2. Click on the bottom right corner of the poster on the wall and pick up paper number 1.
3. Click on the needle at the top of the Earth Globe to activate a trigger. Click on the wooden button to the right side of the bed to activate the second one.
4. Click on the green sheet on the bed, on the lateral side, near the nightstand. Click to the right of the opening until you reach the end and pick up page number 2.
5. Move to the next room and pick up paint scrapper on the desk.
6. Now, on the board with many paper pieces, you will have to uncover page number 3 and a key. For the page number 3, check out the image that comes with this walkthrough for its location. Simply click on the pieces of paper on the board until you uncover it.
7. To get the key, click on the pink paper piece in the upper right corner on the board (or check out the image again and click on the paper labeled as “KEY”).
8. Use the key with the middle drawer on the desk and pick up scissors.
9. Click on the tape on the lower right corner of the Einstein picture. In your inventory, click on the icon that looks like a + and click on the tape, then on the broken plug to repair it.
10. Click on Einstein’s left eye and the computer will open the CD-ROM. Pick up paper number 4.
11. Click on the spots on the computer below the CD-ROM and when the lowest one is removed, pick up paper number 5.
12. Click on the plane and then on the pliers. Click with them on the opening of the plane, situated to the back, right near the wing. You get page number 6.
13. Go back and use the scissors to cut the blue covering of the chair. Pick up page number 7.
14. Go to the bedroom. Plug in the cable you have repaired with the tape and pick up the paper number 8 hidden inside the lamp.
15. Use the paint scrapper and click on the bricks on the wall. Click on the crack that appear below, then the one to the right, then the next one. Then click to the crack below and pick up the last page. Click on the door and you’re out!

Indeed, Alkirian: The Nine Pages was a great escape the room game. If you notice any problems with my Alkirian: The Nine Pages walkthrough or you have any further questions, use the comment form below.