As part of the build up to the release of Pokemon X and Y, UK fans will be able to get their hands on Shiny versions of three past Legendary Pokemon. Up for grabs are Dialga, Pialka and Giratina, the three cover Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum respectively.

The time event will begin on August 30, with each of the Pokemon made unlockable for a period of two weeks. Dialga will be the first Pokemon, replaced on September 13th by Palkia. Giratina will follow up on September 27, and the event will end October 11, a day before the release of Pokemon X and Y

The Pokemon will be distributed via participating GAME stores in the UK. Fans must connect to a special wi-fi network using their 3DS, which unlocks the Shiny Pokemon. They must also own a copy of Pokemon Black or White or their sequels in order to access to the Pokemon. Once unlocked, the Shiny Pokemon will be synced to the 3DS, meaning that more adamant fans will be able to collect all three if they show up every two weeks.