Wargaming have announced that they’ll be bringing the upcoming 360 version of World of Tanks to the gamescom conference. They’ll also be pushing their eSports focus with competitions for many of their games.

In it’s first real public debut, World of Tanks 360 will be available to anyone who wants to have a go. The developers will also be on hand for Q&A sessions, again giving the public a chance to get an insight into the console version of the title.

Recently, Wargaming have been stressing the competitive side of their games as well, and as such they’ll be running a series of amateur tournaments with gaming peripherals and Alienware computers as prizes.

They’ll also be running two professional tournaments for the PC version of World of Tanks. The WCG 2013 National Finals will be run in Wargaming’s booth from Thursday 22 to Friday 23, while the season league finals for Wargaming.net will be run in the ESL booth.

Both tournaments will be live streamed to viewers and casted in English, German and Russian, giving international fans a chance to watch the plays being made.

gamescom will run from August 21-25.