A leaked Gamestop listing for a Vita version of Activsion’s latest CoD title was recently leaked online. The information comes from TheSixthAxis as they were able to rip an image of a Vita version of Ghosts. The game also looks to be set at a $45 price tag as well. As further detailed by IGN, Activision’s Dan Amrich responded to the leak saying it was the work of an “over-excited retailer”. But a Vita version for Ghosts doesn’t seem as far fetched as it sounds.

As we all know a CoD game was released for the Vita last year, Call of Duty: Declassified. The game, simply put, was terrible. The game sits on a lauded 33 Metacritic score and was loathed all across the board. Whether or not Activision looks to make up for the terrible title to Sony by releasing Ghosts on the Vita is all speculation. Sony has promised us plenty of Vita news at Gamescom, which is tomorrow. A Ghosts announcement could be part of the software reveals promised for the struggling handheld.

The Vita has another shooter coming out in the form of Killzone: Mercenary. The game looks better and better with every new trailer and Sony seems to be pushing the FPS genre onto its new handheld; what with the dual thumb sticks on the Vita allowing for shooters to feel refined. A problem the original PSP had, with only one thumb stick implemented. With the launch of the Vita we were promised online console gaming on the go, and a refined Vita version of Ghosts can come a long way in fulfilling those promises.