Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Code List 2022

call of duty rebirth island bunker code

Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Code List 2022

Video games are never-ending, and with the ever-increasing sagas, it isn’t surprising that Call of Duty Warzone has a new one around the corner. We have a brand-new game mode with a new map, new challenges, and an easter egg to hunt down.

These wild adventures are what signify the true nature of Call of Duty. The introduction of Rebirth Island warrants some active bunker codes you can use to make your life easier. But acquiring them isn’t as easy as the previous rodeos. This time, you need to prove your worth in the game to gain access to the bunker code list.

Don’t worry, though, because we have done all the hard work for you. This article will explore the Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Code list you can use in the game.

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

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With a massive player base, COD is one of the top video games in the world. The Rebirth Island Bunker is a very strict and limited access spot in the game, which you can’t stroll into.

To gain access to it and get your easter egg, you need a bunker code for the same. The good Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker code in 2022 is “42514627”. Entering this code will immediately unlock the bunker and give you direct access to the easter egg inside.

Also, if you are wondering about the composition of the code, it consists of three parts. You have “The Briefcases,” “The Photographs,” and the “Assemble of Codes.”

Once you enter the code and unlock the bunk, the last step in the game is to search for the reward and collect it.

If you are still confused about the code, let us break it down. As we said, it consists of three elements.

The bunker code’s first and third codes consist of three digits. The middle or second code consists of two digits. So, the linear sequence of the code includes the following:

Three-digit code – 425

Two-digit code – 14

Three-digit code – 627

After entering the code, you will get access to the easter egg hidden in the game. But be assured that the steps to open the Rebirth Island bunk isn’t that easy. You need to break through four steps to get there.

The final Code is 42514627

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How to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance?

Now that you have an idea about the final code and access to the easter egg, the next step is to unlock the Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance. The steps aren’t as complicated as you think.

It is a step-by-step process that involves five layers. Here’s a quick breakdown of each of them.

1. The Briefcases

If you want more clues to open the yellow entrance and get in, you first need to break down the briefcases. That’s where most of the clues are nestled.

You will find 13 in total, one for each game. Since each of these briefcases has set spawns, it gives you enough time to search around the map without losing control or inhibition inside the game.

Getting your hands on the briefcases is the easiest of them all. So, if you come across one, take possession of it before moving to the next step. You can find the locations as shown in the image.

Briefcase locations

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2. The Photographs

The next thing you need to acquire for access to the yellow bunker is the photographs. However, it would help if you acquired the briefcase before moving to the next step.

Just beside the briefcase, you should find three photographs lying around. You must immediately get your hands on the same and keep them safe in your inventory.

These photographs are important clues to get your hands on the Rebirth Island Bunker codes.

You have to memorize these locations and then try to find these locations on the map in one go. It is a little challenging, but the clues should help.

Ask the team to split and go towards different locations instead of hunting around the same spot. Splitting up also makes the process happen a lot faster.

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3. Assemble the Codes

If you follow the abovementioned steps, you should be on the right path to acquiring the bunker codes.

By this step, you will have access to three codes – 425, 14, and 627.

The format of assembly is three-digit – two-digit – three-digit. Take some time to sit down and assemble these codes. Once done, you are very close to reaching the bunker.

4. The Bunker

Now, this is what you have been waiting for all this while – the Yellow Bunker. If you are wondering where it is, the bunker is situated on the first floor of the Rebirth Island Headquarters Command Center.

Don’t rush during this step. You want to go slow and stealthy instead of rushing things around. Once you reach the Yellow Bunker, stop and enter your assembled code.

5. Reward

And now is the time for you to rejoice as you gain entry into the Yellow Bunker. Mentioning the steps here might make it seem simple, but it’s not.

You do have to go through quite a bit to get to the final step and enjoy the reward.

If you are wondering what the big reward is in the bunker – it is Red Room Milano 821 Blueprint. You also get access to the killstreak and a new perk you can use in the game.

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Call of Duty is a strategy game that makes you feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie. It keeps you on the toes and is an extremely well-planned and executed game.

If you want to make the most out of the Warzone Rebirth Island bunker, we hope this article gives you all the insights. Just ensure that you are quick on your feet and thinking. Not only do you have to piece up the clues, but you also have to find the locations and reach them.

Phew! Now that you’ve cracked the Rebirth island bunker you can hang up your military boots and chill for five minutes. Looking for something else to play? Jump behind the wheel of the free driving games available at drifted.com