call of duty

Video games have become essential and almost a reality.

They have graphics similar to the actual world settings and characters that can take up roles of any other person.

This article talks about one such video game – Call of Duty (COD)

The game is a first shooter person version where you can either campaign offline through completing a storyline or play in teams to capture zones and combat in deathmatches.

Basically, Call of Duty is like any other war game but the number of players in each game permitted is comparatively low.

Started in 2003, it was earlier based on World War II set up however gradually it has turned towards the modern war zones like the Cold Wars to name one.

With a total of 16 games in the entire series released at different points of time, let’s name a few of its console and hand titles –

  • Call of Duty: Finest Hour
  • Call of Duty: World at War (Final fronts)
  • Call of Duty: Roads to victory
  • Call of Duty: Black ops DS

The objective of the game is to search and destroy. While playing either of the two aims can be targeted. The players need to destroy the targets in the games or kill all the other players. In the case of a team off where two teams stand against each other, the aim is to simply eliminate the opposite team.

Like all other warfare games, Call of Duty too is dominant of violence, aggression, and extreme emotions. The players are highly invested in the game and are greatly influenced too. The impact may or may not be directly evident but it is definitely there.

Kids, especially, don’t realize while they completely let go of themselves into the game that it’s entirely an artificial setting created for the entertainment of the audience and thus the actions, reactions, and emotions aren’t actual and should not be taken seriously.

I don’t need to mention the strain that mobile and/or computer screens put on the eyes thus increasing the damage. Brain cells are the most affected in such scenarios because studies have shown that video games can damage brain tissue.

Not all is negative, because like it is said, every coin has two sides. Something good can come out of these games too. Call of Duty, for instance, instills a sense of motivation in its players.


Well, after leveling up to the next stage, the excitement of completion is definitely encouraging. Moreover, unlocking other achievements and earning high scores or victory points boost their morale.

Have you noticed how if they fail, they don’t give up but play the same level until they clear it? Never lose hope and fear failure is what this teaches the children.

Thus, everything has its pros and cons. It depends on you whether to take the positives of it or the negatives. Anything in excess is bad so limited your hours in front of the screen killing video characters.

Rest assured, hail victory!