How to Never Die Again in COD: Modern Warfare


How to Never Die Again in COD: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the most popular games in the world. It is played by people of all ages from all across the globe. It is a game, however, that is incredibly difficult, and one that many struggles to master. Fear not, young gamers, for this page will tell you how you can never die again in Call of Duty, and how you can master the battleground. By the end of this page, you will be a master at Call of Duty and will be ready to step out into the field and get some kills.

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Here is how to never die again in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, brought to you by the experts.

Default Settings

What settings are you using? One of the most popular COD: Modern Warfare hacks is to tune your default settings and customize them. Many players play with the default settings, which is usually why they wind up dying so frequently. You should adjust your sensitivity until it is a comfortable speed for you to play. If your sensitivity is not adjusted, you will not be able to turn and shoot as fast as other players, which puts you at a disadvantage.

Strategic Reloads

Game strategists theorize that the reason so many people die while playing Call of Duty is due to poorly timed reloads. If you are not strategizing your reloads, you will find yourself a bullet short when you are toe-to-toe with an enemy. As all gamers will know, when you are going head-to-head with another player and you have to stop to reload, it usually means imminent death. Watch and time your reloads so that you can always trump the other player and get the advantage over them.


Many players completely neglect their grenades. You are given these by the game for a reason! Using your grenades can help you to get the best out of situations where ordinarily you might be doomed. You would be surprised how many people still, nearly fifteen years on, camp when they are playing Call of Duty. Campers can easily be eliminated by chucking a grenade [or a flashbang] into the room that they are in, then going in and finishing anyone else off with a perfectly timed reload, and the best gun that you have. Always use your grenades.


Optimizing your loadouts is a good way for you to get the better of your opponents when you are playing Call of Duty. There is a wide variety of guns and weapons available on the game, all there waiting for you to come and take them and use them against your opponents. Always optimize your loadout so that you can win every game of Call of Duty that you play. Get the best guns, the best sidearms, and the best accessories [throwing knives, etc.]. With a good loadout, you can beat virtually anyone, even the best players.


In Modern Warfare, especially on Warzone, many players neglect their armor. Using your armor is a great way to ensure that you do not die and give yourself extra time to wipe out any enemies that you might be having a dogfight with. You often spawn with armor, and if not, you can find it in weapons crates quite easily. Always ensure you have your armor on if you have some, and if you do not, go out and find it, for armor can be the difference between life and death in a game of Call of Duty. Always keep yourself armored up!

Hissing Serpent, Flying Tiger

When you are playing Call of Duty, you should always adopt the mentality of a serpent when you are hunting, and a tiger when you are making the kill. Hide in areas your enemies may not expect you, even creep upon them, and when you have the right, perfectly timed moment, STRIKE. Dithering around and procrastinating will just hinder your kill. Always seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Call of Duty is a very fast-moving game, and by missing your opportunity, you put yourself at risk of being identified and taken out. Everyone games, yet so few understand the value of strategic striking.

Keep Moving

Even when hiding, keep moving. Camping is a plague upon Call of Duty that has existed since its first development. Being a camper will just get you killed, or will ruin the game. Keep moving, play the game, and don’t camp! Campers have a much higher chance of being killed and Call of Duty has implemented measures to prevent campers winning [providing a backdoor to buildings so you can be snuck up on]. Additionally, as an added benefit, constant movement in video games can improve your hand-to-eye coordination!

With the help of this page, you should now know how to dominate on Call of Duty and die less. Call of Duty is a lot of fun, and while you will die now and again, with this page, you can raise your kills and bring down your death ratio.