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With the continuous growth of technology in today’s era, video games still catch the heart of thousands of kids and many adults that are young at heart. Thanks to the contributions of many dedicated people in the field of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology, gamers can now enjoy their favorite video games by being part of the production process. If you see video games as something more than just a hobby, there are some degree courses you might consider applying to.

Video game programs are some of the most promising courses in the world. Thus, only a few schools offer such opportunities. We cannot deny that video games’ popularity is still ongoing to this day and continuing to skyrocket. That is why many students want to pursue this career because of the promising reward and beautiful career growth in the future. However, the problem lies in how many schools offer such a program. Countries like the United States are some of the countries that provide a well-structured syllabus.


A recent survey shows that many international students who want to pursue a career in this industry have to go to these countries to study and reach their dream. Little did you know that there are some courses that can make you land in a position in the gaming industry. There are also online guides that can help you get the course that is right for you. If you have a talent that you want to enhance, like writing and music, and has a passion for gaming, this article is for you.

By combining your passion with video games and being part of something you want to work hard for related to this field, you could make a difference in a fruitful career path in game development, design, music, graphics, and many more. If you are interested in knowing these degrees and want to take your video game experience to a whole new level, here are some college courses you can pick that can lead you to a job related to the vast and magical gaming industry.

Multimedia Arts and Game Design

If you are the type of person who enjoys designing and software development, then getting a degree in Game Design will bring joy to your life. To give you a better understanding, Game Design is the art of putting design and aesthetics into the game to create fun and entertainment. It represents text, computer instructions, or any other source of information using hundreds of systems that work together. The folks at have a number of educational resources that can help guide you through the process of getting your bachelor’s in game design online.

Being trained behind the programming scenes, you will be knowledgeable about creating a plan, design, and making use of the software to its optimal use to make sure that the aesthetic of the game you are working on will run smoothly. In short, the kid who is playing your game likes the design and overall performance of the game, and all the features are working. One way to imagine this is thinking of yourself as an architect, but in systems design.

Computer Science

If you are the type of gamer and a student who is fond of 1 and 0, then taking up Computer Science will spice up your game. By applying for this course, you will learn a lot about coding and software programming. Usually, you are the head of the back office. You’ll work on making sure that the game you are doing will run smoothly when it is time to launch to the public. All buttons, menu, and text are working.

As time goes by, the course of computer science has progressed. A lot of concepts have been applied and implemented by the game industry. Expect that you will improve the graphics and the much-awaited and very futuristic virtual and augmented reality.

Creative Writing

If you think that videogames are all about design, software, and complicated codes, you should definitely think again. If you are a gamer or not even a gamer but was probably able to play one in their life, know that one key factor to a great game circle around a good storyline and the people behind these fantastic concepts are the game writers. If you are a gamer and have a knack for writing good stories, enrolling in a course related to creative writing is the one for you.

If you are more into the depth of the story and character development aspect of video games, this course will help you a lot. You are most likely to work with a team to put out a beautiful narrative for all users to have a cohesive experience. After all, you and the rest of the people who are into video games want to have a character who can easily connect with a personal perspective.

Major in Music

Who says that musicians are only for concerts and gigs? They also have a special spot in the video game industry. Imagine playing The Sims without its very enticing and groovy music. It is sad and boring. Without dramatic sound effects and background music, the game would not be as fun as it should. That is why musicians are very much welcome in this field.

So if you are the type of person who plays games and has a good ear for melody and sounds, take a big step and earn a degree in Music. This course will not just make you a good musician but also introduces you to different software that will enhance your skills, make you produce better sound quality, and create the next best beat, just like what the game Patapon did.

Taking a career at a very fast and dynamic pace of the gaming industry takes more than just a hobby. You will need skills that can actually make you land a job and get things done. With your existing skills and talents, and applying to these exciting and cool courses, you are one step closer to a career in the gaming industry.