The folks over at Valve Time have discovered a group of assets that were to be used in the now canceled Half Life Episode 4. Also going by the title Return to Ravenholm, Episode 4 was being worked on by developer Arkane Studios in 2007 and 2008, although development has now been canceled.

The assets discovered are 3D models, part of the original content developed for this expansion pack, and Valve time have also posted an in depth explanation about what each of the assets could mean.

The refrigerator shown below is a medical one, and it’s believed that it would have made up part of a hospital level. The scientific apparatus was likely intended to be part of this same level, and the creation of wet floor signs, mops and fire extinguishers all hints at a place with strict hygiene and safety protocols.

The truck and trolly models are more likely models for an outdoor location. Valve Time has noted that in contrast to the ruined cars that make up most of Half Life’s vehicle wildlife, the truck is near pristine condition.

Whether these newly found models now have any relevance is currently unknown, but it does give a bit of an insight into what might have been.