David Hayter is out, Keifer Sutherland is in as the voice portraying Snake in Konami’s continuation of the Metal Gear Solid series Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as announced prior to E3.

David Hayter’s gruff voice has been a familiar presence in the MGS series as Solid Snake and Naked Snake/Big Boss. Metal Gear Solid fans are split about the new change. Some see it as MGS creator Hideo Kojima selling out and turning to a big name Hollywood actor’s name in hopes of selling more games while others welcome the breath of fresh voice acting as the protagonist Snake is in his late 40s and Keifer fits the facial an vocal qualities of such a character.

And if you want to have someone saving the world from terrorists, it might as well be Jack Bauer, even if he might have to sneak around in a cardboard box.

In the end, Keifer Sutherland’s voice work will be one of many things to possibly criticize or laud considering that there is still a whole game’s worth of Metal Gear Solid to look forward to. Will the action stealth be just as action-like and stealth-like as its predecessors? What kind of reality based military hardware will be presented in the 1984 setting? And how else will the winding plot of Metal Gear develop, resolve, or become more confusing?

Players will just have to wait & see whether The Phantom Pain will keep the Metal Gear Solid franchise afloat.