Strip clubs are fun, especially in the World of Sims 4. So today, we will explore the edgy world of strip clubs- from expansion packs to creating your strip club; we will tell you everything!! 

Sims 4 Strip Clubs

The Sims 4 Strip Club

The Sims 4 White Rabbit Strip Club is one of a kind!! 

  • On the first level of the structure, there is a dancing stage, a cocktail bar, seating places, and restrooms. 
  • The second level has tables, chairs, and a private dancing space. 
  • On the third level, there is a tiny photo studio.

This club requires the Get to Work expansion pack and the Wicked Whims mod.

Required Mod And CC

  • Wicked Whims
  • Moon Sofa Set
  • Marble Table Set
  • Neon Sign Set 1
  • Neon Sign Set 2

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How do you set up your strip club in Sims 4?

  • Choose “Include Custom Content” in the library.
  • Select the “White Rabbit Strip Club” lot from your collection.
  • Use a cheat code before putting “bb.moveobjects” in place.
  • put the house on the plot by clicking the “place lot” button.
  • Enter any of your sims into your phone to purchase a strip club.
  • Select “Assign Lap Dance Spot” on the seats displayed and set the stage doors shown in the last image for staff only.

What Can You Do With Strip Clubs In Sims 4?

Strip Clubs In Sims 4

Manage A Strip Club

All management tasks are managed through the dedicated club management category on your phone. This includes creating employee uniforms, managing business hours, and reviewing financial records. You may even work as a dancer in your club.

As these are the peak hours for strip clubs, your club is set to open at 7 PM (19:00) and close at 4 AM (04:00). You can change the open hours by using your phone and selecting the “Manage Open Hours” option under the Strip Club category. You can also make your club open at all times by selecting the same open and shut hours.

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Stage Dancing And Watching

Stage Dancing dancers will search for the nearest or explicitly allotted Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot to dance at. Each dance routine is produced randomly and can be changed anytime by clicking on the dancer. Stage dancers are one of the main reasons clients come to the club therefore, always have at least one on the stage.

Every dancer on the stage draws the attention of customers eager to pay to see some remarkable moves. The key aspect that determines the attention span of consumers and the quantity of tips the dancer receives is the dancer’s performance. dance talents, relationships with specific clients, and presently playing music are the key aspects contributing to the dance performance. You will almost certainly notice some uncontrolled yawns if a dancer is not dancing well.

The greater the dancer’s abilities and relationships with clients, the better the performance, which directly determines how high and regular the tips are. The more gratuities a dancer earns, the less clothing they wear.

Bartending And Drinking

The procedure is straightforward: a client enters the club, orders a drink, consumes it… and then leaves an empty glass behind. After a few hours, your entire club will be full of empty glasses. Consider employing a Janitor to help you handle the mess. Leaving empty glasses around not only wastes space but also makes everyone uncomfortable.

Although the bartending dancers handle the process of selling drinks, the owner regulates the bar prices and supplies.

Charming And Lap Dancing

All club loveseats, couches, recliners, and chairs can be designated lap dancing seats. To assign a Lap Dancing Spot, simply build a private room, set up a seat inside, and click “Assign a Lap Dancing Spot.” Any client requesting a dance will use the designated seats to receive a lap dance. Please note that all seats designated as lap dancing are exclusively used for lap dancing, so no sitting or napping is permitted.

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Becoming A Pimp In Sims 4

Becoming A Pimp In Sims 4

The NPC Hoe can be made into a pimp by using Wicked Whims to have sex with an NPC Sex Buyer; you can collect the money before each transaction. You will need Sexy Gigs version 9.0 or higher when it becomes available; the 9.0 version will be released a few days after this article is published, so stay tuned to the Patreon page for updates. 

To become a pimp, use a computer, select “Find A Gig” from the Sexy Gigs menu, choose Pimping, and you’re good to go.

Becoming A Drug Dealer In Sims 4

Just be aware that it’s possible actually to get into legal trouble. The bouncer running off the lot is another issue that most people run into during gameplay. 

This feature can be fixed with updated versions of Basemental Drugs. Although not much management is required, which gives you time for pimping and dealing drugs. The customers within the strip club are prime targets to sell drugs to, get them hooked, and drastically increase profits.

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Q: Why is the lot set to the “Generic” type on purpose? 

WickedWhims custom business lots are set to “Generic” to ensure the most compatibility with the game. So, everything should work fine!! 

Q: Can I hire a bartender? 

Yes, and they will ensure that your sales increase as well as store foot-in soars!! 

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have explored the wicked world of Sims 4’s Strip Clubs. Hope you have learned enough to start one of your own!! Just use the mods and get ready to enjoy the game even more!!