A professional eSports player playing a game

If someone had told you 10 years ago that the esports championships would be very popular, along with other sports more familiar to us, no one would have believed it.

In the modern world, the purpose of eSports is to give people the opportunity to self-actualize. This is an opportunity to occupy your niche and earn money at the same time. After all, not everyone can be football players or swimmers. People have different abilities.

Virtual tournaments can be both individual and team. Competitions are held between two or more teams of eSports players.

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As mobile technologies improve, more and more games are being developed for smartphones. That’s why mobile cyber competitions are becoming increasingly popular.

Portrait of an eSports Player

A professional eSports player is a professional computer game player. Esports athletes are not trained in specialized educational institutions. The skill of conducting virtual games is practiced by playing for many hours and developing certain personal qualities. It is believed that esports players earn well. It is real. The salary is directly proportional to the success of the gamer.

Esports competitions are never held just for identifying the winner. Prize funds sometimes reach huge amounts and are formed from the funds of sponsors and interested advertisers. The funds received as a result of cybersport events are directed to the creation of new computer games. Today, esports is gaining momentum and developing the gaming industry.

Esports is a monetary sphere. Advertisers and sponsors finance competitions well, organize serious prizes and support for outstanding stars of virtual competitions. When money starts to be earned, the hobby turns into a job and a profession.

Advantages of a Pro Player

Starting a career as an e-sportsman, players strive to become the best in their team or compete for prizes individually. Having become a true professional in their field, gamers receive a real salary, and even interest for advertising. The best players, as a rule, attract the attention of sponsors, so they sign long-term contracts with them, where a fairly large fee is assumed.

Having become the best in their profession – eSports, players become very popular and public people. Very often they are asked for autographs, invited to interviews and filmed in advertising.

By inviting a player to various international tournaments, a gamer has the opportunity to travel around the world and see the corners of our beautiful planet.

In esports, they do not give preference to a person’s appearance or height. Such factors are not important here. In the first place only, it is the professionalism of the player and his mind.

After the end of the career of a professional gamer, esports players go into the field of analytics or management. But do not forget that a couple of victories in major championships can provide a person for the rest of his life.

Everyone can make a career in eSports, regardless of physical abilities, health status or nationality. In addition, a pro player can be both a man and a woman. Everyone is equal before eSports.

Disadvantages of Professional Gaming

Any activity has its pros and cons. There are also disadvantages in esports. For example:

Getting carried away with gaming activities and going into this area with your head, there is no guarantee of success. No one is immune from defeats and failures. But if you have excellent motor skills, quick reaction and extraordinary thinking, then the result in esports will be stunning.

To achieve a decent result, you need to play and train a lot. You need to keep in touch with other players and fans. Lead an active social life to be noticed. Esports can gradually take up a player’s entire life. Training takes a sufficient amount of time, about 9-10 hours a day. Therefore, it is very difficult to combine esports with study, work or personal life.

Esports involves a sedentary lifestyle, which can negatively affect your health.

If a player seriously intends to engage in esports, then this field of activity involves significant spending on regular computer upgrades. This is a powerful computer, an up-to-date graphics card, processor, ergonomic mouse and much more. You can enumerate endlessly. In addition, you need high-quality headphones, a microphone.

At a certain point, there is a need to go to competitions taking place around the world. This requires time and the ability to concentrate in a difficult situation. Having spent a large amount of effort and time, there is no guarantee of winning.

Well, another disadvantage is the threat to health and well-being.

Gamers spend many hours a day in a sitting position every day. Their eyes are straining and their body muscles are weakening.