Birthday Cake in Sims 4

Even though sims do not physically age, they can have birthdays to signify their ages. Getting a birthday cake in The Sims 4 is the ideal way to begin arranging a birthday celebration, but it is difficult( maybe not that!) without proper instructions.

Hop on as we tell you all about birthday cakes on Sims 4 2024 and how you can bake one yourself!! 

Importance Of Birthday Cakes In Sims 4

In Sims 4, players are allowed to bake a birthday, and even get an option to select from a variety of cake options based on their culinary ability. After that, all you have to do is set candles and celebrate your birthday lavishly with your friends in Sims 4. 

Sims are extremely sociable animals that adore throwing bright and exciting parties! There’s no excuse now; we will tell you everything you can do to make your birthday the best in Sims 4. 

How To Celebrate Birthday In Sims 4?

Sims do not age like people do, but they can still celebrate their progress with birthday parties in some circumstances. And different cake recipes will surely make your birthday more special. 

Aside from the other fancy gimmicks of Sims 4, the birthday cakes are most special and prominent since they also count your age. Otherwise, how would anyone tell how old your Sims is? 

You see, celebrating a birthday is like a piece of cake!!;) In Sims, follow our step-by-step instructions and make sure you don’t miss any step. Then put the cake on the tabletop alongside the candles, and get ready for a blast!! It’s inexpensive and quick to follow, and gives you some motivation for real life!! 

But what happens after you cut the cake? After the birthday sim blows out the candles, the cake reverts to its original state. The cake remains edible as long as it is fresh, but it will deteriorate if left out for too long, much like any other food item in-game!!! 

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Why Can’t You Buy A Birthday Cake In Sims 4?

Getting a birthday cake in The Sims 4 differs slightly from previous games. For example, many Sims installations included buyable birthday cakes, which could be purchased directly from the buy mode. This was feasible in Sims 2 and Sims 3 setups.

However, the birthday cake is no longer a purchasable item in Sims 4. Players must make cakes if they want to host birthday parties in The Sims 4.

Having said that, gamers who own the Dine Out game bundle can purchase a birthday cake in The Sims 4. In certain circumstances, customers can go to a restaurant and get a birthday cake for virtually quick delivery by simply clicking on their assigned table.

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How To Get A Birthday Cake In Sims 4?

In Sims 4, the player must make the birthday cake; it is not a purchasable item. The sims will have to bake the birthday, so it all boils down to your cooking skills in the game!! 

Bake A Cake

Sims can usually make either a white or classic chocolate cake. Players can build a blue confetti cake or strawberry cake if their culinary ability allows.

SimCity cheesecakes and black and white cakes from the gourmet culinary expertise can also be used as birthday cakes. Players with the Up All Night downloadable DLC can make a Hamburger cake.

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Steps For Baking A Cake In Sims 4

Cake crafting is simple, especially for Sims with high cooking abilities, who can bake and build more complicated cakes. Beginning with classics like chocolate cakes is a terrific place to start. 

Sims will ultimately be able to master the art of preparing gourmet cakes with time, practice, and cooking ability. Let’s look at some of the cake kinds that may be baked:

  • Chocolate Cake White Cake
  • Blue Confetti Cake (Available at Cooking Level 4)
  • Strawberry Cake (available at Cooking Level 6)
  • SimCity Honey Cake Cheesecake (Gourmet cooking level 5 is required)

To prepare a birthday cake, Sims must complete the following procedures.

  • Select cook from the fridge menu.
  • Choose your favorite cake

Sims must set the cake on a countertop or a table stand once cooked. They might put candles on the cake to beautify it and make it appear more enticing. Click on the cake and then pick the “Add Birthday Candles” option.

Getting Cake From Caterers

Sometimes, Sims has lavish parties at an out-of-the-way location and hires a caterer. Although it is handy for Sims, it is not always a pleasant experience. Because caterers may fail to meet expectations or prepare meals according to Sims’s preferences, they can be dissatisfied; therefore, creating a cake on their own is preferable.

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Q: Can You Own A Cafe In The Sims 4?

Simmers cannot run cafes. There is no Open For Business where you can operate in any form of business, from bowling alleys to pubs to dance clubs. Get To Work merely delivers fragments of Ambitions and Open For Business, neither worth the time and effort.

Q: Is A Wedding Cake Available In Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, wedding cakes, like birthday cakes, must be prepared in an oven. A wedding topper must be applied to the final cake before it can be used for weddings. If there is a wedding topper on the cake, no one can eat it until newlywed Sims has cut it or the cake has been sliced.

Final Thoughts

Baking a cake in Sims 4 is easy!! All you have to do is follow these simple steps and bake your favorite cake. Go on, and enjoy your birthday wholeheartedly!!