Recently, with staying at home, video gaming has increased among people. This behavior would be quite apparent as the situation demands you to keep at home. Video games are one of the most significant ways to wail your time. Gaming has always been seen as an adverse action, but it helps people cope and also is an entertaining factor. Many even question why certain games are so popular, and every other person is seen playing it. What makes the game so exciting and in demand, people tend to play it 24/7. Don’t they get exhausted and get hit by a feeling of mundaneness? Such questions arise over games that are slipped into conversations quickly.

Such a game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the latest version released in 2019. People have been glued to their devices and played this game nonstop as a nongamer. One can not truly fathom why people are so fascinated with this game. The game is filled with strategies, violence, and visual graphics that uplift the game a hundred times more. 

The game is both a single-player as well as multi-player, giving room to various experiences and adventures. Modern Warfare set in different European cities. The players work with the various special forces that are based internationally. The story talks about officers on a mission to stop the invasion of countries, and go on missions and complete their tasks. The excitement of the adventure sores high, and so does the number of gamers. 

Now the question remains, why is this game so popular? 

  • Mode 

The game has widened its reach in terms of narration for the players. The campaign mode caters to multi-player as well as single-player needs and requirements. The narrative is better than the previous edition though it’s not very deep-rooted. It still makes a more significant impact on the players. 

  • Brand 

The brand Call of Duty has been present since 2003 and has since attracted many players. The popularity might not be entirely for the game; rather, it is for the brand that it stands for. Therefore the game is played in the spirit of nostalgia, remembering the evolution of the game that stands before. 

  • Controversy 

Even with all the nostalgia and narrative, the game is popular due to the controversy that involved it. The Modern Warfare game is known to have had one of the most significant launches. With the launch came controversy of its storyline and showcasing the Russian’s as the terrorists. Heat around this controversy remains, but that’s what attracts the players. 

  • Violence 

The shooting, sound effects, and graphic visuals have attracted a lot of players. These features add to the violence and provocative emotion that the game taps into. The game is seen as stress relief and a way to remove one’s frustration. The guns and various movements in the game are simple and easy to play, which makes you feel unstoppable. 

Final Thoughts 

The game is going to grow mainly due to the factor of current popularity. But, new gamers want to give it a try due to the hype that is already present. Nonetheless, with all the controversies, the game is still simple and sure to get you hooked on.